What we most deeply desire from sexual connection, is to be penetrated by our lover’s soul, to feel each other’s consciousness, each other’s presence, to drown in the energy flow between all the chakras, flowing upward from the Root to the Heart to the Third eye, and onward, through the Etheric body, onward still…and so joining with Unconditional Love.

It is a beautiful dance that begins with body language, emotions and desire expressed through the eyes, small touches, then a primal descent into passion. We can experience it in many ways, following the mood of the moment, slow and sensual or raw and decadent.

Sacred Sexuality is the gateway to Spirit. It is a direct portal to Higher Consciousness.

We yield, we surrender, we receive.

We make love all day long with our lover in the way we speak to them, how we engage, Light Being with Light Being.

Our bodies are meant for expressing pleasure.