“If you knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, you would have the key to the universe” ~ Nicola Tesla

I’m starting a new practice this Autumn Equinox. It’s an experiment in a way, because I’m combining two practices to boost my spiritual algorithm. I know… what’s that?

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for some time. I sometimes write in it in the morning, or just before bed, or during the day. I love rituals of all kinds because they’re meaningful, centering and grounding, but am not one to do things at a particular time. Usually, it’s a go with a feeling kind of thing.

Equinox Ritual

For Autumn Equinox, I’m turning over a new leaf. See what I did there? Ok, nerdy pun aside, this practice is equally perfect for Spring Equinox if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere, or any transition period. Solstices and Equinoxes are good reminders of ‘change’. Rituals fit nicely into their arrival.

My gratitude practice has been profoundly expansive for me. Not only does it help me to get in touch with my heart each day, to lay aside the practicalities and ‘to-do’s’ and focus on feelings of appreciation for my life, it also boosts my spiritual algorithm. That’s just a way I conceptualize my connection to all that is, the co-creation between myself, the Universe and Earth Mother.

The more I participate intentionally in this relationship, the easier it is for me to feel the beautiful, love-infused, compassionate, generous and kind frequency flowing through me, to receive from Source, and to also radiate out – to be of energetic service to the Universe.

So what about Tesla? He is quoted as saying…

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

… which is what I’ve been practicing all these years as cornerstones of manifesting, as taught by Abraham Hicks and others.

But there’s more! Karin Yee, author, podcaster, astrologer combined Tesla’s theories with Abraham Hick’s channeled directions to create the 3.6.9 method of manifesting, which I’m excited to share with you, plus my own twist.

*3 is the number of creators – who regularly channel their art, concepts and ideas directly from Source.

*6 is the number associated with the hexagon – the art and design of the honeybees – efficiency and organization. It is associated with the vibration of love, the frequency of the Universe.

*9 (which happens to be my life path number in numerology) is also a number of the creative, it is associated with the enneagram, and is the threshold we cross as newborns from the spirit world. It is a conduit between the unseen world and the material.

There’s so much that could be delved into with these three numbers – go ahead, dive down the rabbit hole – but let’s get to my Equinox practice.

My New Practice

Starting at Equinox this week-end, I’ll be starting a new journal and dedicating the next thirty-three days to using the 3.6.9 method of manifesting and infusing it with my gratitude practice.

The How

  1. I’m using a physical journal, because the act of writing using pen and paper is an immediately powerful way of creating contact with what we’re calling in.
  2. I’ll be deciding what I want to manifest, and writing a sentence or two describing it, feeling the feelings of being in the presence of my manifestation for 17 seconds. Hicks says that it takes 17* seconds focus to align with a thought. For example:

“I am so thankful for the peace and safety I feel now that my business is supporting me abundantly and consistently.”

I’m choosing words that help me feel this affirmation.  Thankful, peace, safety, now, support, abundant, consistent.

“I am joyful and thankful to be perfectly aligned with the Universe, attracting a kindred soulmate with whom I am creating an exciting, loving and interesting life”

I’m feeling the words joy, alignment, soulmate, exciting, loving, interesting.

  • I’m going to write the affirming manifestation statement three times in the morning, 6 times at noon, 9 times at night, and read it over a few times after writing.
  • Write it, feel it, let it go. I’m not going to worry or wonder if the Universe heard me, how it’s going to arrange things, if it’s possible, or examine myself to see if I’m worthy. I’m just writing, reading, feeling, leaving it with Source.
  • I’m writing in the present tense. What I dream is already a reality in the sea of consciousness, I’m simply claiming it.
  • I’m not concerned with time limits. Things could show up with incredible speed or later than expected. I’m trusting my inner intelligence for timing.
  • 33 days is my goal but I’ll most likely continue on.

Adding my Gratitudes

I’m be adding something extra to the same page each night. My gratitudes! Gratitude is the soil and the root of Abundance. It not only changes what we receive, but how we are able to give. It enhances our outlook on life, helps us feel safe in the world. Gratitude repairs our DNA. It’s the juice that love is made of.

Is Manifesting Hype all Bullshit?

We’re constantly creating, it’s our nature. We’re manifesting with our actions, thoughts, projections, belief systems, etc. I’m not in favor of telling someone who is struggling with some area of life that all you have to do is wave your incense around, tell the Universe what you want and it will plop into your lap. That’s cruel. They’ll be waiting a long time. I honestly believe that we manifest best when we’re clear on what we want, we are receptive (not needy), and are cooperating with the energies around us. And that’s why I think the gratitude/3.6.9 way of alignment with our visions works… it’s working within the flow of the natural laws of the Universe.

Will you try it? Let me know.

*The 17 second rule states that when you focus on a thought for 17 seconds, you activate the vibration of the thought. Focusing on a thought for 68 seconds, makes the vibration powerful enough to manifest itself in real life.