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Find peace with your mother wound, with nervous-system regulating practices, rituals, and journaling prompts to peel back the layers of soul-wounds and awaken rooted wholeness.

Founded in earth-based spirituality and mysticism, Transforming the Mother Wound is for anyone who seeks a gentle path to self-healing.

“In this work, I undertook to honor the mystery, magic, and the unseen elements of transforming core wounding because life is so much more than what can be quantified through linear science. It is also your multi-dimensionality, your humanity, and spirituality. Let us explore together.”
– Monika Carless

This book is organized to help you in Remembering the Self, Finding Reconciliation with the Mother Archetype, Processing Grief and Generational Trauma, and Learning Rituals for Re-Birthing. Its dynamic exploration is focused on transformation at a cellular, intergenerational level, with interactive pages that invite you to participate in your healing journey.

Through this journey, you may find that your creativity, intuition, soul-frequency, empathy, connection to yourself, Source, and all life forms is deepened. Embodied and aligned, your body, mind, and spirit will embark on a new path…one of embracing the medicine of past wounds and becoming fearlessly oneself.

The Dark Pool Trilogy

Pagan Erotica & Spiritual Mysticism

The Dark Pool trilogy honors magick, nature and the sacred path of the witch. Erotic occultism at its best.
~ Dacha Avelin, Old World Witchcraft

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The Dark Pool – Book 1

Sahara Taylor has never obeyed the rules. She hopes that a move to a remote mountain valley will help her forget the relationship she has ruined and temper her lustful soul. Far away from prying eyes, Sahara can practice her witchcraft and reconnect with the invisible forces that govern her life.
But Fate has other plans. A well-worn path leading from Sahara’s cabin into the Aspen Wood brings a rugged lover who falls willingly into Sahara’s web of mystery and indulges her in the erotically submissive role she likes to play.
Their passions reveal a desire for an unconventional relationship and before long Sahara is longing once more for the touch of a woman. Love is only a whisper away, when Sahara is undone by talking in her sleep.
A secret from a lifetime in medieval England threatens to destroy Sahara’s every intention to be faithful to her new found loves.
In this tale of wicked sex, sorcery and innocence lost, one woman must choose between her past and her present, find courage to live authentically and resist the charms of an alchemist whose love for her has survived six hundred years.

The Raven and The Aspen King – Book 2

Aiden. He’s everything they want – Holly, Sahara and Iona, all in love with a man who’s crossed centuries to find them. In this continuation of a passionate story that defies rules and boundaries, fall in love all over again with the mystery of well-kept secrets, erotic encounters and the magic that ties it all together. Book Two of the Dark Pool Trilogy, The Raven and the Aspen King, keeps its promises. There is nothing like a lusty dip into forbidden waters.

The Wilderness Years – Book 3

Sometimes our soul wanders in the wilderness, where answers are less important than the questions. The mystery continues in this, the conclusion, to the Dark Pool Trilogy.
With Dagr and Brigida in France, what sorcery does their beloved Arinn master under the care of the seductive earl, Richard Dumont? And do they ever meet again?
While falling deeper in love, Sahara, Aiden and Holly continue to unravel the pieces of their ancient story. Arinn’s re-incarnation, the powerful priestess Iona, remains Sahara’s weakness.
Addicted to the raw passion once shared by Arinn and Dagr, will Iona break all the rules and hunt Aiden’s affections in this lifetime as well?
Unashamed erotica woven together with sacred teachings, The Wilderness Years delves deep into the mystic.

Tessa & the Faeries – Children’s book

A trilogy of delightful short stories following the environmentally and consciously aware adventures of a young girl named Tessa, and her faery friend, Lucinda. Included are a recipe, a spell, and earth-friendly tips for the young and young-at-heart.Wellie Wednesday, Sunflower Sunday, Turnip Tuesday. Tessa’s adventures begin when she discovers that she can communicate with the chickens in the hen house. Sitting by the garden stream, she meets Lucinda, a tiny blue faery. Together, they enter the world of the Fey, where Tessa discovers that magic is as natural as the world around her.

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