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My Mother Wound Course has Become a Book!

Transforming Mother Wound

 Sacred Pathways for the Wild & Sovereign

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I wanted to reach more hearts and souls, and decided to transform my course into a book!


Monika is a deep diving shaman who helps her clients heal their long-standing wounds”
Dunja Rado, Serbia – Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Wild Woman, what is your Mother Wound story and how has its sacred medicine shaped you?
Are you ready to shed the skin of that story and emerge powerfully connected to your
most soul-aligned life?

This is for YOU!

A self-guided course-book which through safe, nervous system regulating practices, rituals and journal prompts can peel back the layers of soul-wounds and awaken rooted wholeness.

Founded in earth-based spirituality, Transforming Mother Wound is for anyone who seeks a gentle path to self-healing, with contributions from wise teachers around the globe.

I am so very honored to share with you a map for finding peace with the story of your mother wound. If you are here, your soul has called you to this work. This is a dynamic exploration focused on transformation at a cellular, inter-generational level with interactive pages that invite you to participate in your healing journey. Through this journey, you may find that your creativity, intuition, soul-frequency, empathy, connection to yourself, Source, and all life forms is deepened.

Embodied and aligned…

Your body, mind, and spirit will embark on a new path…one of embracing the medicine of past wounds and becoming fearlessly oneself.

The Ancients valued the natural rhythms of the Universe and planet, and in this way, found rootedness in their humanity as well as the sacredness of their infinite natures.
It is in our humanity that we experience all there is – the light, the dark, the inner world, and the outer. All is sacred. You are sacred.

In this work, I undertook to honor the mystery, magic, and the unseen elements of transforming core wounding because life is so much more than what can be quantified through linear science. It is also your multi-dimensionality, your humanity, and spirituality. Let us explore together.
With Love, Monika.

Who This Book is For:

Recognizing Mother Wound

Have you been longing for Home, searching for that familiar yet elusive embrace of unconditional love and belonging?

Do you struggle with upholding healthy boundaries, with others and yourself, or feelings of unworthiness and shame?

Are you an Empath who feels unsafe and misunderstood in the world?

Are you pacifying your Inner Child with unhealthy habits?

Do you mistrust your Intuition, and give your power away to others?

Have you felt unseen, unheard and under nurtured?

Are you disconnected from the natural cycles of your body?

Are your relationships with other women, mother figures or your daughter(s) a source of anxiety and emotional pain?

Is honoring your self-expression, body-image and sexuality a struggle?

Do you attract partnerships which do not align with your soul’s evolution?

Do you put the needs of others over your own?

I have come back to Mother Wound time and time again with clients in its many abilities to shape-shift. As our foundational relationship, it can be the wound beneath all other connections; especially Self.

– Surrendering to the Sacred Womb of Healing –

Healing Mother Wound through Divine Feminine Wisdom is a dynamic exploration focused on transformation at a cellular, inter-generational level

Increase empathy for all life forms

  • Awaken intuition, creativity and the vibrational frequency of living through the heart
  • Reconnect with Spirit, Goddess, and Self
  • Align your mind/body/spirit matrix

Monika has a beautiful ability to share her guidance in a way that lands so perfectly and deeply. Her kindness, understanding and intuition was what I needed to enhance and confirm my journey.”
J.W. Canada

Explore these Topics & Much More


*Your Mother Wound story. Why it’s important and how it creates collective culture. How to harness your experiences as alchemy for transformation and empowerment.
*Understanding the Mother archetype as a divine expression of the Great Mother and the Divine Feminine. Repairing the tapestry of our interconnection; meeting compassion.
*The Collective Wound as expressed by Mother. Discover your Ancestral Mother Line. Healing past and future generations.
* The stages of grief as they relate to Mother Wound. Recognizing self-wounding. Base chakra alignment.
*The role of the Patriarchy within Mother Wound; The rise of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Mature Masculine.
* Honoring the Sacred Womb: Re-entering and re-birthing as Wise Woman. Recognizing co-dependence, becoming Creatrix.

* Working with the cycles of the Moon and the Dark Goddess.

* Loving Self – embracing the sensuality, chaos and uniqueness of our bodies, minds and feminine mystery.
* Shamanic Soul-journey; meeting and nurturing Inner Child. Awakening our Inner Mother.


* 12 deep-dive chapters

*Quotes as Meditation Prompts

 *Rituals, Practices & Earth Mother Wisdom

*Grounded Spirituality to Awaken Your Authentic Wildness

**Private Support Sessions With Me

Healing Mother Wound through Divine Feminine Wisdom is a Mystical, Sacred Container for Intuitive Soul Evolution.

We spiral in and spiral out, seeking the way of the Wise Woman, who gathers the dry bones of her hurts, sheds tears and spends time in silence, grieves, births new boundaries, begins to love herself, and emerges with a new story.

I 100% recommend Monika, who is an insightful guide and teacher in the world of nature, spirit, and life beyond everyday routine” -
C.V. New York, NY.

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is, life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories… water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst intoMy name is Monika,My name is Monika, bloom”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Each generation must own

their own pain and their healing



My experience with Mother Wound has been one of the greatest lessons of my life. Healing began through connections with Spirit, Nature and Intuition. Those connections saved my life, in all ways.

It has been an undeniable spiritual initiation to have been on the journey of orphan-hood, adoption, relocation, abuse and eventually, awakening to my purpose.

I offered my story, my process and my gratitude initially through a course, created for the collective healing of Mother Wound and the Great Mother herself. I am happy to offer it now as a book.

I’ve always looked for the root of things, because that is where the story of anything begins and where it is best understood.

The winding road of healing took me deep into the woods, into something I remembered faintly, until finally, I emerged, a witch, an Intuitive, an energy worker, soul-alchemist.

During that time, I raised two free-range daughters, un-schooling them at times, encouraging free-thought… always hoping not to repeat the cycle of my turbulent childhood. They grew and I grew, realizing in the process that my mother, just as I, had been nursing her own mother wounds.

She was not to blame, nor was she the cause of my sadness. She had abandoned herself long before I arrived. I had a responsibility to grow past what ‘happened’ toward what could be. This was not about her, as I had once thought, it was about my on-purpose life.

Now I know that Healing Mother Wound is what the whole village needs

The alchemy of words became the ultimate medicine for my mother wound and the portal for this work.

Writing the Mother Wound book is my act of devotion to the Consciousness and to women everywhere.

I am honored to be part of you rising, Sister, and to perform this important work in a way which holds meaning for us both. This is the way of the Feminine. It has been created to nurture your willingness to step into personal transformation.

– Begin You Journey Now-

“In my personal healing journey, I have worked with different mentors, taken countless classes and read endless amounts of self-help books and spiritual material, but never has anything had such a profound impact on my life as Monika’s Healing the Mother Wound Workshop. I came to know Monika online when my best friend introduced me to her and her writing, and I instantly felt a deep soul connection that felt like home. I was inspired and intrigued. When we spoke, I immediately fell in love with her raw, vulnerable and willingly open, authentic Divine Feminine Spirit; which she so confidently carried, even if unconscious of her admirable aura. I thought, “How do I get to that place within myself too?” She is such a vibrant, wise, infectiously energetic spirit and I knew instantly that I would learn much from her. When I learned that Monika was hosting the Healing the Mother Wound workshop my entire body lit up as if every cell was telling me that I needed to do it, so I enrolled. At first, I was nervous about sharing my deepest wounds so openly, but Monika made me feel really comfortable within the sacred container that she created for us. Each time I showed up for myself, I was able to open up more and more because the energetic environment of the group felt safe.The synchronicities that I experienced throughout this entire workshop and how it and my life seemed to unfold together are indescribable. Each module seemed to be divinely timed with my current stage of evolution and personal growth, as well as with how my external world was shifting. I began to share my experiences with my mother which, I’m blessed to say, led to a great healing between us. I was finally able to express myself openly to her with love and compassion, yet still with firm boundaries where needed. I finally forgave her and learned to see her as the beautiful, perfectly imperfect woman that she has always been. My pain no longer blinds me and my heart has expanded to allow more love to flow through me – love for her and love for myself. The heavy burden of my mother-wound in all of its forms has been lifted from my shoulders and I can finally breathe in the love and light that has always held me in sacred space. I AM eternally grateful for Monika and her Healing the Mother Wound Workshop.”
Dena D.

Louisianna, USA

“Monika’s Mother Wound course is a safe and rich container for healing. I joined her course at a pivotal time on my journey to healing my own mother wound, and the results in my personal life have been profound and long lasting. I graduated her course feeling empowered in myself, compassionate for myself and my entire female lineage, and clear on my next direction as a woman on this planet. Monika is a truly gifted mentor and guide. I heartily recommend her course to deeply and permanently heal the mother wound we all endure.”
Ingrid Turner Spiritual Channel

California, USA

A Deep Dive Into Feminine Wisdom and Truth – This creation is not only helpful and practical, tangible — it is deep, touching you to the core, helping the reader reinvent their experience of Feminine Wisdom. Monika Carless has this unique way of speaking truth with clarity, not leaving any details of life on the side, integrating all her wisdom into this powerful treat. A beautiful idea for gifts as well — to your mother, best friend, sacred sisters, women in Women circles… and these are only examples! Well done, once again! Such a talented way of rendering deep conversations accessible to many, so that the world heals and shifts.

Sophie Gregoire

France, Author "She is the Moon"

“I participated in the workshop “healing the mother wound” with Monika. It is a broad workshop that touches many aspects of the mother wound, from many different angles. It has not only given me better insight and understanding of my position towards my mother, passed on beliefs and coping mechanisms, throughout the whole chain of women before me, as well as the next generation of women after me (my daughters, their future children). But also as a female creature, a feminine soul, making my way through this existence, doing the best I can and learning every step of the way. Allowing myself to be more gentle, to be soft and fiercely alive at the same time, however my divine nature calls me to be at any given moment. Spiritual and grounded, because we are always both at the same time. Monika is a wise lady, full of love and experience that will most certainly help you to reach and address your specific questions, while honoring who you are and cheering on and encouraging you with every step you take. I definitely recommend this workshop.”


I was in the darkness of my soul, rooting. Monika showed me, with her torch, what was ahead of me (well above me!) With her Magic, we connected like Sisters, like Mother and Daughter, like Goddesses. She spoke to my soul, my heart, directly. I opened up on a subject I was afraid to address. I felt deeply accepted, respected and loved by her. She’s a glowing Feminine Energy, Wise Woman. Monika has those playful eyes and a twist of humor that I really enjoy. A healer studies darkness. She has guided me with her soft hand through it. I wasn’t alone and I’m not afraid of it anymore. I cherish my dark now. Forever thankful! ♥
J. Rousseau

Quebec, Canada

Monika is a deep diving shaman who helps her clients heal their long standing wounds from childhood by facilitating spaces to speak to and energetically connect with people who have in some shape or form hurt you. She holds this space ever so gently and helps you see the perpetrators of the hurt in their truth, which helps release the attachment to and expectation of them ever understanding what they did to you. After that you can release them and the hurt energies into the ether and the Earth to be transmuted into Universal Love. You feel liberated, free and empowered to move on. She is really an amazing connector of energies here on Earth, with the spirit/source realm and teaches you how to do the same – which is an amazing gift.”
Dunja Rado


“While journeying through the Healing Mother Wound sacred online healing course ~ I felt seen ~ I felt heard ~ I felt held ~ I felt loved. If you are looking for healing through transformation while being nurtured and cared for with compassion then Monika’s sacred medicine is MAGIC.”

Aroha~Aotearoa, New Zealand.

As a queer woman honoring the divine feminine archetype, Monika Carless is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community that honors the paths and history of all indigenous tribes, People of color and gender identifications. She celebrates the masculine and feminine as inherent energies in all beings.