Authentic Life

Intuitive Mentorship

“You Have Left a Trail of

breadcrumb clues that will lead
you to the place where your
purpose and passion have
already met, and are simply

Waiting for You to Find Them.”

– Jacob Nordby

Soul Alchemy with
Monika Carless

intuitive mentorship

Whatever your quest, I offer safe space to explore and tap into your inner wisdom.

It is my belief that we are the designers of our own destiny, and that allowed fertile ground, we can grow into ourselves organically.

Deep down, we know instinctively what is best for us, and as your Intuitive Soul Alchemist, I help uncover the truths hidden within your own consciousness. I am your guide on a personal journey, and you remain your own most enlightened teacher.

Your incarnated story and your commitment to inner growth will be the fuel for your unfolding.
Let us begin!


How May I Serve You?

To discover our alignment within any of
my programs or  sessions. This is not a coaching call.


Private Mentorship

*We Can Talk About Anything. Specializing in Helping You Find Clarity & Direction.
*Numerology (Your Soul-Path Map)

Single, Recorded Session with Email Follow Up $197 USD

Bundle – 3 Private Sessions via Zoom + E-mail & WhatsApp  Support

Sacred Exchange: $575 USD

Mentorship for Writers & Authors

Available in
Varying Packages

Munay-Ki Rites

– Initiations into the Shaman’s Path –
9 Earthkeeper Rites & the 13th Rite of the Womb
For Individuals, Couples, and Coaches

The Wise Woman Path

A 1-Year Self-Study Course for Spiritual Seekers, Witches,
Mystics, Wildlings, and Heathens
Embodying the Sacred Craft of the Wise Woman

Healing Mother Wound

  Supportive  Sessions
Based on my Course-Book, designed to guide you through
and un-shaming the core wound,  to on-purpose & grounded!

Free Stuff

– Gifts from the Heart –

3 Powerful Manifestation Tools That Actually Work

Abundance Consciousness Worksheet

Moon Phases, Mystery and Correspondence

Seven Mystic's Habits to Connect With Earth Mother

2024 Pagan Lunar Calendar

Love & Praise

“Monika is a wildly gifted intuitive with a very powerful healing presence. Thank you Monika, for being committed to your own magic so that I can be committed to mine. ”
– Sasha Tozzi, California, USA
“With Monika as my guide, I unlocked so many levels of myself. She truly is an amazing Shaman and brought me on a memorable, soul unfolding, journey. ”
– Tia Russo, Transformation Guide, and Mystic, Massachusetts, USA.
“Monika is really an amazing connector of energies between Earth, Spirit and Source realms and teaches you how to do the same – which is an amazing gift. ”
– Dunja Rado, Serbia
“In my personal healing journey, I have worked with different mentors, taken countless classes and read endless amounts of self-help books and spiritual material, but never has anything had such a profound impact on my life. ”
– Dena D, Louisiana, USA
“Monika is a glowing Feminine Energy, Wise Woman. Monika has those playful eyes and a twist of humor that I really enjoy. A healer studies darkness. She has guided me, with her soft hand, through it. ”
– J. Rousseau Quebec, Canada
“I 100% recommend Monika, who is an insightful guide and teacher in the world of nature, spirit and life beyond everyday routine.”
– C. Villency, New York, USA
“I love the way Monika intuitively tuned into me bringing a non-judgmental open space to explore and discover myself. She always seemed to know the right questions to ask to prompt me to dive deeper and set me up to listen and discover my true self- my heart and soul’s desires.”
– C. Jagos, Michigan, USA
"With great respect and gratitude to a woman of deep sensitivity and earthly wisdom...I found Monika’s Way to be highly attuned and deeply grounded in honesty and authenticity. Her passing on of the Munay-Ki Rites was given with pure intention and humility. These Rites offer an opportunity for deep inner work and profound healing...a restoring of the Sacred."

– Cath Schlyder, Writer, Filmmaker