Wise Woman

Dark Moon Circle

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The Dark Moon is the most potent time of the lunar cycle

It is the time of the Crone – the Wise Woman who dwells within us all

“If you weep, the crone will move closer to you. Laugh, and she wants to hear the joke. Dance, and she wants to dance with you and in you. She has help for the hurt and for the one poisoned by bitterness. She can pull the thorn from the breast, and tattoo your scars with flowering boughs. This is the power of the crone, ready to assist each of us to fulfill the callings of the souls on this earth – with verve, with style, with critical insights, with wisdom and love” ~ Dr. Clarissa pinkola estes

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During these moments of sacred pause together we may…

Release Habits and Thought Forms That No Longer Serve the Soul
• • •
Cut Unhealthy Heart Tethers
• • •
Rest in the Previous Lunar Cycle’s Wisdom
• • •
Compost Trauma
• • •
Build Solid Ground for New Dream Seeds
• • •
Work with Dark Goddesses
• • •
Witness Our Human Journey

Tap into Gratitude and Abundance
• • •
Drop Unrealistic Expectations of Ourselves
• • •
Become Friends with Impermanence
• • •
Remember Past or Future Incarnations
• • •
Engage With Desire
• • •
Work with the Root and Earth Star Chakra
• • •
And so much more!

A sacred Sisterhood

Why Circle?

A women’s circle is an opportunity to build community and embrace personal empowerment within safe, loving connections

It is a sacred container where we may heal sister, witch, mother and patriarchy wound through shared stories and space-holding for each other

The circle is where we can re-wild the soul through understanding ourselves as sovereign beings and follow the natural cycles of the cosmos and nature

It is a place to be seen, heard and witnessed

It is a way for us to support all the women in the world through intention and being present to ourselves. The ripple effects of this are entirely magical!

The circle supports YOU, Creatress Goddess, Earth Mother and the Four Divine Feminine Archetypes – Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, Wise Woman

We have been meeting in circle for centuries, embracing our shadows and spreading light to the Consciousness. Although our light has been dimmed and our sovereignty stripped through different forms of oppression over the years, in circle, we claim back to ourselves the ability to tap into wholeness and purpose

 Did You Know?


*Dark Moon refers to the period when the moon is in conjunction with the Sun and the Earth and is invisible to the naked eye

*Wise Women who work with the Dark Moon for spell-work, engage with this energy for banishments, or no magic at all

*They cast dream seeds when the first crescent appears in the sky, a day or two after Dark Moon

*The Dark Moon is associated with stillness and wisdom. It is the void in which we rest, reflect, compost

and transform knowledge into wisdom. It is the Alchemist’s moon

*Modern astrology and Astronomy call the dark moon  ‘new moon’. Here we will work with Crone energy until

the first crescent  (Maiden Moon) appears in the sky

Is it time for you to be part of a sacred community?

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  • Circle membership for 12 moons
  • A circle orientation pdf upon sign-up outlining how the circle functions, what you can expect and my commitment to you
  • A post-circle email with our call recording & Circle Notes
  • PDF resources of practices and moon wisdom
  • Occasional guest teachers
  • Discount on private 0ne-on-one sessions with me

Jessica Crow @ Unrestricted Life Coach/Body Wellness

I have been working with Monika & Dark Moon for 6 months- WOW, it seems like so much longer – it feels as if she’s been part of my life for years. It’s like that when you connect and work with someone your Soul is pointing you to. The way that she teaches, guides and encourages is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Even with her life on Vancouver Island and mine in Memphis, TN I can feel her presence with me. Encouraging me to listen to, embrace and act on the parts I have kept hidden for so long. There is a loving kindness about Monika that is evidence of her connection with Patchamama and the Moon. Her femininity is beautiful AND fierce. She is filled with so much wisdom, it pours forth and brings me hope that I too will one day be able to love, share and teach in a similar manner.

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     $97 USD Per Month   OR   $999 USD One Payment

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~We meet once a month at the Dark Moon dates via Zoom
~ all calls are recorded for attendees and those who are not able to make a particular session

~If Dark Moon falls on the weekend, we meet on the Friday before

~Canadian Goddesses receive at CDN currency. Please message [email protected] for special link.

Circle Dates 2023

  • January 20th
  • February 20th
  • March 21st
  • April 20th
  • May 19th
  • June 16th
  • July 17th
  • August 16th
  • September 15th
  • October 13th
  • November 13th
  • December 12th

Join Our Sisterhood!

This is for you if…

  • You’re looking for supportive community within the Wild Divine Feminine
  • You’re ready to lead your soul to remembering her wholeness
  • You’re inspired to explore shadow work
  • You’re intrigued by the natural forces and archetypes that govern your life
  • You’re awakening to a call for deeper self-knowledge and wisdom

See you at the Circle!

Love & Praise

“Monika is a wildly gifted intuitive with a very powerful healing presence. Thank you Monika, for being committed to your own magic so that I can be committed to mine. ”
– Sasha Tozzi, California, USA
“With Monika as my guide, I unlocked so many levels of myself. She truly is an amazing Shaman and brought me on a memorable, soul unfolding, journey. ”
– Tia Russo, Transformation Guide, and Mystic, Massachusetts, USA.
“Monika is really an amazing connector of energies between Earth, Spirit and Source realms and teaches you how to do the same – which is an amazing gift. ”
– Dunja Rado, Serbia
“In my personal healing journey, I have worked with different mentors, taken countless classes and read endless amounts of self-help books and spiritual material, but never has anything had such a profound impact on my life. ”
– Dena D, Louisiana, USA
“Monika is a glowing Feminine Energy, Wise Woman. Monika has those playful eyes and a twist of humor that I really enjoy. A healer studies darkness. She has guided me, with her soft hand, through it. ”
– J. Rousseau Quebec, Canada
“I 100% recommend Monika, who is an insightful guide and teacher in the world of nature, spirit and life beyond everyday routine.”
– C. Villency, New York, USA
“I love the way Monika intuitively tuned into me bringing a non-judgmental open space to explore and discover myself. She always seemed to know the right questions to ask to prompt me to dive deeper and set me up to listen and discover my true self- my heart and soul’s desires.”
– C. Jagos, Michigan, USA