Wise Woman

Mystery School


The Wise Woman Path

A 12 month Vision Quest

Certificate Course
The Wise Woman Path spans many cultures and timelines. It is a deep resurrection of ancient memories, of tapping into empowerment as a sovereign woman and manifesting a mystical experience on earth.

As a woman of Easter European descent and several lifetimes spent following Pagan tradition, I am inspired to teach what it means to follow the cycles of She, the Divine Feminine energy manifest in all Beings.

The Path of the Pagan Priestess belongs to you, there are no hierarchical systems or hard and fast rules, we move with your intuition and wisdom.

Let us remember that we are stardust and bone, earth and wind, let us howl at the moon and swim in living water, surrender to touch and speak words of love.

Required: Discovery Call Interview

Ω Explore Your Spirituality
• • •
Ω Connect to the Wheel of the Year
• • •
Ω Embrace the ‘Wise Woman’ Tradition
• • •
Ω Cast Simple Spells with Big Impact
• • •
Ω Practice Self-Love
• • •
Ω Define Your Path
• • •
Ω Awaken Desire
• • •
Ω Embody Your Purpose
• • •
Ω Transcend Ancestral Wounds
• • •
Ω Work With the Sacred Cycles of Luna
• • •
Ω Numerology, Astrology – Your Cosmic Blueprint
• • •
Ω Learn Ritual/Ceremony and Intentional Living

1 or 2 private, mastermind coaching calls per month via Zoom

  • 3 levels of participation – Maiden, Mother or Crone Container
  • Voxer support and accountability check-ins between calls
  • 12 Modules delivered to your inbox ~ 1 per month, Plus 144 Journal Prompts
  • Certificate of Completion

Love & Praise

“Monika is a wildly gifted intuitive with a very powerful healing presence. Thank you Monika, for being committed to your own magic so that I can be committed to mine. ”
– Sasha Tozzi, California, USA
“With Monika as my guide, I unlocked so many levels of myself. She truly is an amazing Shaman and brought me on a memorable, soul unfolding, journey. ”
– Tia Russo, Transformation Guide, and Mystic, Massachusetts, USA.
“Monika is really an amazing connector of energies between Earth, Spirit and Source realms and teaches you how to do the same – which is an amazing gift. ”
– Dunja Rado, Serbia
“In my personal healing journey, I have worked with different mentors, taken countless classes and read endless amounts of self-help books and spiritual material, but never has anything had such a profound impact on my life. ”
– Dena D, Louisiana, USA
“Monika is a glowing Feminine Energy, Wise Woman. Monika has those playful eyes and a twist of humor that I really enjoy. A healer studies darkness. She has guided me, with her soft hand, through it. ”
– J. Rousseau Quebec, Canada
“I 100% recommend Monika, who is an insightful guide and teacher in the world of nature, spirit and life beyond everyday routine.”
– C. Villency, New York, USA
“I love the way Monika intuitively tuned into me bringing a non-judgmental open space to explore and discover myself. She always seemed to know the right questions to ask to prompt me to dive deeper and set me up to listen and discover my true self- my heart and soul’s desires.”
– C. Jagos, Michigan, USA