Vulnerable share ahead, my loves. I’m opening a conversation, not an argument (we don’t have to agree on anything), opinion is just that, opinion, I don’t claim to own the truth. Disclaimer laid down, here I go…

Watching the world burn up and flood these last four years has made my heart burn and flood, sometimes with anger because I’ve felt helpless, always with empathy and with deep sadness for the land, the wildlife, the vegetation, the soil, the humans.

Gaia’s Consciousness

In my deepest meditations with Mother Earth, I have heard her voice soothing me, reassuring me that She knows and understands her own cycles and shifts. Amidst the sadness of what happens through human intervention, she declares herself sovereign.

My feeling – supported by science though sometimes unpopular when voiced – is that Gaia, our beautiful blue planet, has cycled through many seasons of habitable, uninhabitable, warming, cooling environments, and everything in between. She has her own rhythms, which now, greatly accelerated by us, evolves what has happened many times before – climate crises to the point of dramatic consequences. Islands have risen and sunk before, mountain ranges have crumbled or been birthed, continents have drifted, poles have shifted.

*It is believed that the last Geomagnetic pole reversal occurred 780,000, although scientists estimate that this occurs roughly every 300,000 years.

Gaia sweeps her house at will. She has her own consciousness, a living, breathing celestial body. We are not going to escape another ice age or pole shift, and the brutal truth is that much of life as we know it will not survive these changes through technology or an intervention by other Star Nations. Sobering, yes. Just ask the Lemurians and Atlantians.

Bone Weary of Conspiracies

Having said and understood this, I am bone-weary of hearing that climate crisis is a conspiracy waged upon us by nefarious forces. I’m bone-weary of hearing that this or that dark entity is creating a false climate crisis to implement their agenda.

My opinion is that if we continue to blame ‘the devil’ whatever form we imagine them in – (the reptilians, the wealthy, the politicians, the Illuminati, etc.) we’re not looking inward to see where our responsibility lies. This has been the convenient platitude peddled by religion for centuries – the devil is behind it. The narrative (you may have heard) of blaming the Reptilians is, to me, just a newly packaged version of our old scapegoat, the devil. I’m not naive, power and wealth struggles are real, but I’m not prone to the paranoia of conspiracy/devil theories.

I said what I said.

Call Me an Animist

Maybe in my old age I am becoming too practical, too concerned with what world my grandchildren will inherit to blame something outside of myself, or to ignore the consciousness of our planet. Call me an Animist.

I know that I’m not the only one who grieves the fires and the floods. No matter our beliefs, I do think that we’re all coming from the same place in our hearts of wanting the best for each other and the planet, and we’re all prone to the fear that we can’t control what’s happening.

“Two hundred and fifty million years ago, the earth’s atmosphere primarily consisted of carbon dioxide, which is very poisonous to humans. Then, when green life appeared, the plants converted the CO2 into oxygen. This caused most of the carbon to become trapped in the vegetation, which ended up in the subsoil and eventually became fossil fuels, buried in the deep strata of the earth. Now we’re taking these fossil fuels from the great storage pits deep in the planet and burning them, releasing poisonous hydro-carbons into the atmosphere. We’re headed toward creating the same environment that made it impossible for most creatures to exist on Earth, yet we’re doing very little to reverse this dire situation.” ~Alberto Villoldo, The Four Insights.

Where I’m getting to is, it’s easier to say the dark forces released ‘directed energy weapons’ on Maui to burn the poorer areas while avoiding the properties of the rich and famous, and focus on finding conspiracy under every rock, then to focus on how we have greedily raped the planet and are part of the problem. It’s just too easy to say ‘they did it’. We have a rapacious appetite for energy, and each one of us creates the demand which any number of over-profiting companies will topple over themselves to supply. There is no ‘they’, there is only ‘we’ and there is no ‘away’ there is only trashing the planet with our desire for more.

I’m Part of the Problem…

To know that one is part of the problem should be the impetus for being part of the solution. I hope that we decide to do more in that direction.

In the level of perception the Andean Shamans call ‘serpent’, we use our reptilian brain to determine danger and to safely navigate the world around us. This perception or awareness is vital to our physical survival on the planet and within society. Alberto Villoldo explains how this survival instinct helps us to stay to the task at hand without wasting energy or precious time getting emotionally distraught about it. This is exactly where we’re at with the climate crisis – there’s no time to read deep, conspiratorial blame into what has to be handled right now. Blaming the Annunaki may feed that part of us that needs a mythical explanation and which recoils from a devastating reality, but to me, right now, it feels like escapism.

The Escapism of Conspiracy

In the escapism of conspiracy, our brain feeds on the high of finding the secret behind something we’re afraid of. The dangerous slope of ‘knowing the truth’ keeps us engaged in digging for more clues and being part of an elite group who know what’s really going on. Belonging, is a high. The ego, whose job it is to keep us safe, finds great satisfaction in being right, ‘the world is not a safe place, I told you so, there’s something dark behind it all’. Soon, we trust very little of the world, and each other. I find this direction terrifying.

When catastrophe finds my neighbor, I want my first thought to be, how can I help? I don’t want to rush to the labyrinth of online forums to determine the conspiracy behind it. I want empathy to lead me, not a strange satisfaction of knowing the devil behind it all.

I’ve been thinking about writing this for quite some time, but always shied away because you know, who wants to offend another person’s sensibilities? I also didn’t want to come across like some paragon of truth. But as I look in dismay at the global fire map, I have less and less patience for the philosophies of current conspiracies. It’s not helping anything at all, to deny the climate crisis. We can do better.

global fire map –