We are seekers of the light within ourselves, at the cost of discovering the wisdom of darkness. The New Age movement has told us to think in terms of being, speaking, experiencing the light. And that is all well and good, IN BALANCE. I understand the impetus behind it, because being positive, joyful…a light worker, brings into balance the negativity we find in the world.

But remember, Wild One, that we are all born from the darkness of the womb, the ultimate cradle of safety and wisdom, HOME, the place of connection with the Great Mother, our intuition and where we felt the world around us, ‘seeing’ with our Third Eye and our heart as the heartbeat of our mother – who represents the Divine Feminine – guided us through the primordial sea of the Becoming.

Therefore, we already know how to trust and long for the darkness, to be within ourselves, to not run from our sadness or our anger, or our disappointments. These are all our greatest teachers which ask us to be still, to ask our vulnerability to speak through our intuition. When we stop and acknowledge our fears and allow them room to breathe, we honor their existence in the scheme of things and can lovingly navigate their lessons.

Allow the womb to cradle you. We can go back to it while in the bath, or the river or the sea, in meditation or in any practice of silence. It can be a moving silence as well.The darkness does not judge; we can be in full integrity, we do not have to be happy, or whatever the world expects us to be. Just breathe, Wild One. No expectations. Float as you once did. Before it was your mother’s womb, it was the ocean of Oneness. You know this place intimately.

You belong.
You are safe.
You are home.

© monika carless