Full Moon in Libra 04.07/08.2020

Even a pandemic cannot eclipse the rising and setting of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, the progression of the seasons or the cycles between night and day.

There is a comfort in that, a deep safety in knowing that there is an order to the Universe, as much as there is chaos.

The chaos brings life, new energy, new ways of being, it is a birthing. Order offers stability, holds everything in place that has been birthed. It is the way the masculine and feminine co-operate, when they are in union.

Wild Ones, the full moon in Libra brings us into balance, weighing the polarities of our lives on Earth. We arrive at an opportunity to sift through what is ‘happening’ and seeing that it is not happening TO us, but THROUGH us. If we are honest with ourselves, we are not victims of anything, but creators of everything.

Empowerment happens through the vulnerability we feel when order falls apart. Chaos feels like death, but really, it is transformation, transmutation, it is new soil being built when our past is composted into nutrient dense wisdom for this very moment.

The full moon in Libra shows us that when we are connected to SELF, we can step into the FLOW OF LIFE, and be empowered in our choices, embrace our own inner well of abundance, we can engage with synchronicity, and harvest the gifts that being in tune with ALL THAT IS offers us.

How can we be connected to Self?

By being in integrity with our path, non-avoidance of our shadows, listening deeply to our intuition, engaging with our creativity, exploring our spirituality, remembering that we are part of something much bigger than what is immediately before us as a challenge, and living through the heart.

Optimism, Vision and Presence are the gifts of this moon.

Hurtling through this portal culminating at Easter – we rise into crystalline (christ) consciousness after this mini-death through the pandemic. No, we will never be the same again, ascension means that we learn from the past, shed that skin, grow in the way we engage with ourselves, others and our mother, Gaia.

Christ consciousness has nothing to do with religion btw, if this is a trigger, my loves. Christ consciousness is heart centered, understanding that we can never be separated from Source, it is honoring the cycles of birth, life, death and re-birth, it is ascension from one state to another, it is going inward to find our wisdom, it is home, the new earth, which exists internally, not someplace in the distant heavens.

Let us be present now, to this moment, these tears we are shedding, this trauma of not knowing, this joy of birthing, this conversation we are having with each other as a humanity.

Full Moon blessings, Beloveds. There is beauty all around us, let us be grateful, in the face of all that is, and remember that you are made of the stars. Shine bright!

Much love,

Monika. ❤️?

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