We’re finally ready and able to bare our souls on every social media outlet invented. Never before in human history have we had such an arena of instant and poignant openness about our thoughts, soul’s desires, revealing our light and shadows…our online journaling, I hypothesize, is a precursor to when one day will be fully telepathic as we once were during Atlantian and Lemurian times.

But we are still becoming comfortable in baring the exquisite containers of our soul. Our nakedness has been adamantly suppressed, and when it has been expressed, it has often been to the detriment of Wo/man.

What if we returned to the freedom of loving our bodies ecstatically, what if we didn’t label it shameful or sluttish or anything at all and reveled in the joy of being naked and unashamed according to our sacred whims?

What if we discarded old paradigms and delighted in our inherently erotic natures?

Image: John Markese