A Few thoughts this week….

I want to know you like this… I am a romantic and believe in the love that happens when souls collide. Not dependent love, connected love. I write about love like this because we need freedom from love that shelters us, that restricts us, that keeps us from reaching so deep that we feel the undercurrents of why we are together.


One day she remembered….that she was all those things she sought to connect with.
The wind, her breath and emotions.
The sea, her intuition and womb.
The earth, her wisdom and form.
The sky, her expansive soul. ?Find comfort and grounding in the knowledge that you are part of all that Is. We are never outside of the mystery. We are the mystery in human form.
Photo credit: Ariel Lustre on Unsplash


“The wildish task of a man is to find the true names of a woman, and not to misuse that knowledge to seize power over her, but rather to comprehend the numinous substance from which she is made, to let it was over him, amaze him, shock him, even spook him. And to stay with it. And to sing out her names over her. It will make her eyes shine. It will make his eyes shine.” C.P. ESTES

I am studying the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes and find this quote especially powerful. To know a woman and love her, a man must not be afraid of her nature and many names. She cannot be pushed into boxes nor contained there so that her mate will feel safe. She is Wild, like fire. This applies to a woman’s every relationship as well, and to any lover she may take. A lover worthy of Wild Woman withstands her many seasons and returns time and again with questions about her journey. And she reciprocates this love from her most liberated heart.


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