I could write erotic instructions on how to make love to a woman, and because you see her skin, her lips, the way she moves – you might think that that is all you need. After all, some skill is required to make her unfold. But that is just the beginning. Beyond her tender, secret places, lie the mysteries that you must anoint with your soul.

Within her eyes, her mind, her bones, lies the vastness of the Universe; the entire spectrum of the galaxy and multitude of stars. To make love to her you will need the map to her untouched terrain and only she has knowledge of where that is kept. You can search her mouth, visit her sacredness, even make her lose control, and still never find the treasure.

Use your tongue, your fingers, your body in the ways she teaches you, and with your heart in hand, genuinely, honestly, unwaveringly ask for her thoughts, her visions, her fears, her irreverent needs. And still…

Or, you could carve open your chest and let her sink inside you, ocean deep. You could fold her into your rawness. You could let her see what’s dark and light and ugly and beautiful about you. You could let her wander in the corners of your unknowingness.

You could fall into fear. You could let her stare into your unveiled eyes. You could say – ‘come in’.

To make love to a woman, it is not she whom you must enter, it is she who must enter you. © m.c.