Astronomer Dr. Percy Seymour puts forth that astrology is a science of magnetism, a universal force as significant as gravity.

It is an ancient language spoken by the cosmos, and interpreted by man through sacred symbolism.

Wild Ones,

December 12th sees the rise of the full moon in Gemini, passing through the 12/12 portal.

Just as this decade comes to an end, this full moon signals a completion. The number 12 symbolizes wholeness, a return to an imminent new beginning. We can expect 2020 to release a new cycle of growth for humanity.

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The 12.12 portal is all about conclusions to past cycles. It is also an energetic pathway for high frequency codes to be transmitted directly into the heart chakra from galactic consciousness.

This 12.12 portal coincides with the full moon in Gemini, an illuminating opportunity to release parts of consciousness we have collectively outgrown; old thought patterns and paradigms.

To be able to receive the coding we soul-desire and are ready for, the heart must be nurtured and open. It is imperative that if we are to participate in 5th dimensional energetics, we first look honestly at our own state of being. Every one of us who decides on transformation, decides on the transformation of Mother Gaia. Are you called to this? If yes, then this ritual is for you.

Not only are many of us ready and able to receive new DNA coding, the planet is also positioned for these frequencies. We hold her, she holds us, that’s how this works.

We are in a process of re-birthing. Every ending signals an imminent beginning.

With a collective of awakened hearts, we can affect the transition from fear to love as our living matrix. For thousands of years we have been fastened into experiencing reality as painful, warring and destructive. The shift will happen when more of us view the world as peaceful, expansive and constructive. Is it really true that we have created this reality through our focus? Yes. So let us shift focus so that more of the collective lives through the heart than the mind (a 4th dimension construct)

A Simple Ritual

Create sacred space by building a simple altar, setting music, lighting candles.

Set three intentions:
To release all attachment to old patterns, wounds and thought forms.
To open heart space.
To receive new codes of consciousness.

Find yourself in a peaceful, nurturing position, within your sacred space.
Calm your breath, calm your mind. Take as long as is needed for this.
Breathe in three breaths of gratitude. Breathe out worry, scrambled thoughts and anxiety.

Center and ground by releasing a grounding cord from your root chakra to the center of the earth. Root deeply. Feel Mother Love. From this place of center and love, imagine your heart filled with a vibrant green light, the color of nature herself. Feel the warmth and validation, acceptance and expansion emanating from your heart space. Open your heart and let this glorious light fill every cell of your body.

Release judgement, fear, doubt, worry and wounding from your heart space. Feel your intention to release attachment to old wounds and patterns. Clear, sweep, dust, open the windows and doors to your heart and let the fresh air of renewal rush in. Your heart has been waiting for this.

Say: “I am transformed by my intention to release all that is no longer sustainable in my life. I am ready to show up in my full power and integrity. I will no longer hang on to old wounds as a form of protection from full soul-growth. I am ready to live my soul’s purpose. I thank my younger Self for the lessons she has learned and welcome my wise, grounded Self. I receive new codes of consciousness to heal and power my DNA. I receive love, compassion, kindness and carry this frequency to the world.”

Feel your crown chakra opening like a lotus flower. Receive galactic, 5th dimensional information and let this filter through all your chakras all way to the bottom of the grounding cord at the center of the planet. Receive DNA repair and codes. Allow your heart to pulse to this new frequency and adjust to this new reality.

So rooted, filled and held, sit in peaceful gratitude for as long as you wish.

You are who the world is waiting for.

Allow for integration. Be kind to yourself as you do. Record your dreams and your visions.

Blessed Be. You’re on your way.

Love, Monika.

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