Fellow Scorpio’s, would you come back as this sun sign again? I would. Scorpio’s medicine has bewitched me.

The house of Scorpio deals in Death, Rebirth, Sacred Sexuality and Transformation among other esoteric domains. Scorpio is an explorer of darkness and a seeker of light.

With Venus in Scorpio Retrograde the focus on relationships intensifies. Don’t hold back now, let go of what doesn’t align with your purpose-full life. You’ll know when the words you are speaking demand full integrity, and when it’s time to re-examine the relationships that govern your soul.

Scorpio’s waters run deep and often, silent. What requires your attention? What asks to be expressed? How deep will you go to serve your soul-ascension?

With the holy day of Samhain approaching on October 31, Scorpio prepares for the descent into the Underworld.

Funny how the darkness can reveal so much more than the light at times. The Goddess reaches her hand to all those who would travel this path with her. Will you step into that vulnerability of emotions that Scorpio demands, to flow with this water sign into places unknown, to invite intimacy and listen to the voices of the Ancestors?

Scorpio enchants Death into something quite magical… it is a master of Re-birth and Transformation. It urges us toward Spirit, to pleasure and sacred sexuality, to the forbidden. It is there that we drop all control and remember our essence as Starseeds.

May the mystery of Scorpio and its passion for re-birth inspire you this month. May you rise like the Phoenix to new aspirations and dreams. May you know the intimacy, loyalty and harnessed energy of this powerful sign. Blessed be Wild Ones.

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