Welcome October!

Your magic brings us into the most potent month of the year.

Scorpio takes us deep into the Underworld, deeper yet into our own shadows, to the whispers of our ancestors.

This year Mercury stations retrograde during the Witch’s New Year of Samhain/Hallowe’en.

Prepare by breathing deep breaths of awareness, paying close attention to the present moment.. too much gazing ahead or to the past will bring disconnection, miscommunication, disagreements and a confusion of next steps.

Stay tuned to posts for the coming Lunar cycle… she is seeping in the magic of Scorpio’s obsession with transformation – life, death, rebirth.

Perhaps you may be inclined toward some mystical pursuits. Play with these energies, they are creative, sensual, exploratory, irreverent.

October blessings wild Ones!


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