New Moon in Libra – October 19, 2017.

Here we are at a New Moon once more, the wheel turns and we with it.

This time in Libra, Luna offers us a chance to re-group, find balance and grounding. It is a very generous offer, as with any New Moon, we burst forth with new intensity and with purpose towards burgeoning dreams and goals. This is the time to make things happen, and we do that most effectively when we are firmly rooted.

To find your balance, find first your breath. Sit with it, follow it, embrace it. Imagine sitting under a great old oak, your roots intertwining with his, deep into the earth…you remember your sacredness.

Are you bursting with purpose, with ideas, with an indistinguishable life force? Yes! Now is your time. Dance with the new Moon in the ocean of possibility.

And as you do, Luna will transition into Scorpio at 9.41 p.m. October 19.

Scorpio, with her mystery and pull towards change and the deepest parts of Self, will now be your guide until October 23. Prepare for a month of incredible shifts. Scorpio, the feminine, watery sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, is a force of nature. You will be forced to face your authenticity, to sift with brave fingers through the soil of your being. Finding yourself there, light and dark combined, you will be asked to move forward with courage.

This will be a most intense month emotionally (guard against negative emotions, they’re not your ally), keep trusted friends at your side (including your crystals and essential oils), soak in self-care.

A perfect month for exploring your passions in every aspect of life, sexually, business, visions. Allow. surrender. Rise up.

Goddess herself will be dancing with the King of the Underworld, making magic, invoking the powers of possibility. Let’s join her!

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Heart Hugs and Soul Kisses