The Moon Eclipses the Sun 15.02. 18.

In numerology this falls under the influence of the number 8…Infinity and Harmony; the beginning of one thing and the end of another, the octave that bridges 7 (the mysterious feminine) and 9 (the threshold between the material and spirit worlds).

It is also a Lunar number, as there are 8 phases of the moon’s travel through the heavens.

Mercury and Venus are also joined at this time with the Sun in Aquarius, while Mars resides in Scorpio and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Communication, Anger, Sexuality, Fear, Shadows; these are the key players during the Dark Moon as it obscures the light of the Sun from the Earth.

The medicine of this potent Sun/Moon/Earth relationship is taking responsibility for our actions, thoughts and emotions. The withdrawal of light, though temporary, ushers in a sense of upheaval that many of us are feeling in our bones. We are Light Beings. We are of the Source. The Shadow we enter when the Sun is eclipsed is the Shadow we fear inside ourselves. As long as we see the light of the Sun, our cells resonate with a feeling of Home. But that is the medicine, isn’t it? To understand our light in the face of darkness. Ancient wo/man feared the darkness and that is why many festivals are centered around light, or returning light, and why holy texts warn of the sun disappearing from the sky.

It’s a metaphor, this heavenly display of Light and Dark. It is an illusion to reflect our own natures, the movements of our psyches, the passing of emotions and thoughts, sometimes we reflect on the light and sometimes the shadows…we are both, though we try to stuff away the darkness as if it’s not been a faithful servant.

So come, tribe, let us wander the woods on this Dark Night, let us move silently through the trees, and step solemnly on the earth. Come sit at my fire and tell me stories of what you fear, your eyes wild, your hair tangled with twigs, for you have traveled far in this lifetime, fought many dragons and howled under many a moon. And still you fear the darkness that falls over your soul, when you grieve or find animosity among your clan.

But I, a crone born of the wolves, will ask you to uncover your wounds, and have you weep your tears into the ground. The earth will take your tears and turn them into rivers, as it has always done, and when the tears are too many they will spill into the sea – the salty womb of our beginnings. And so the cycle continues, love and hate, fear and courage, all part of the mystery; birth, life, death,  and re-birth.

Now lay your head here on this pillow of moss, and look up to the sky. Without Sister Moon and Father Sun, the stars are at their most brilliant. You are made of the stars. You too have your own light, your own source, your own sparkly, brilliant essence. All you need to do now is to remember the echo of your time among the Milky Way, to remember your strength, and that truly, you can never be lost, or separated from Source.

Drink now of my herbal brew, I made it for the healing of hearts. Sit while I stir the medicine in my cauldron, feel the silence around us. Feel the warmth of Rosemary, Hawthorne, Rose Petals and Lemon Balm as it circulates through your body, stitching together those scars that you’ve been gathering along life’s path. They mean that you were stronger than what hurt you, but you already know that.

Now, we must follow the moon. Leave your cup, leave all thoughts behind. Wrap your cloak around your shoulders and ready your soul while I speak this spell. We shall meet again, when the the moon is full.

Follow her down the silent path

Past willowy trees and the shadows they cast

Follow her though you know you’ll be lost

Past streams and marshes, tripping over rocks

Follow her quickly, she knows the way

Soon the moon – she says with a sway of her hips and a smile on her lips

A smile so secret that there’s no key to unlock what she means when she leads you

On and on, deeper and deeper

Yes! I know the way!

She says when your grip tightens on her sleeve

Don’t worry my love, soon the moon

Soon the light will come your way

And then you’ll know why I’ve brought you’re here

Follow me there is nothing to fear

Follow me the way is clear

And you follow like a child though you’ve lived a century or more

Luna your mistress

Like a moth to a flame


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