One of the most rewarding perks of writing for elephant journal are the connections I make with readers.

Submission is not about never getting what you want and always deferring to others. It’s about getting exactly what you want, and allowing the Universal Dom to provide it to you by being open and vulnerable and receptive.” ~ a.n.

Last month I wrote a post that revealed much about my own personal life: Sex Clubs: What Liberated Women Need to Know.

Part of the reason I wrote that piece was because I am determined that all of us, straight, gay, bi-sexual, trans-gender or any other, can live our lives as authentically and openly as possible, without the need to hide our true selves as we have had to for so long.

I believe in equal rights as being inherently ours, not something that we should have to fight for.

The pain of hiding our realities has taken far too many lives, and ruined others.

Whenever you do something that is not aligned with the yearning of your soul—you create suffering.” ~ Anais Nin

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