This full moon brings clarity and focus which allow us to deliver on our intentions to the universe.

Use this time to delve into your deepest self, uncovering your own mystery while seeking deeper knowledge about your life path.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, July 17, 2019:

If you are a lover of Luna, you will be feeling the same excitement as I am about the upcoming full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius.

This moon is energetically charged by two important events on the calendar, the summer or winter solstice on July 21st (depending which hemisphere you’re in) and the opening of the eclipse season with a total solar eclipse on July 2nd.

That makes for three powerful, energetic portals aligned within a two-week period. Making it the perfect time for spell-casting, connecting with our dharma (life purpose), moving through blocks, and magnetizing love, abundance, fertility, and illumination.

When the moon is full, she symbolizes the ripeness of existence. We can take our cues from her powerful feminine presence, her association with mother, nurturing and birthing, and her dance with the light. The purpose of following the cycles of the cosmos is to see those cycles within ourselves and to act accordingly.

Everything in nature is a guide and teacher. All we have to do is pay attention to mindfully create magic in our lives.

The three days before the full moon are the most powerful for manifestation and drawing down the moon, or the embodiment of Luna.

A question I am often asked is whether intentions placed under the full moon will “work” if one does not have all the tools and trappings described in a spell book or by a magical practitioner. I can tell you wholeheartedly that you are the most powerful and essential ingredient in any ritual—you and your intention.

You can be stark naked (I advise it), without a scrap of candle, incense, or crystal necklace, and still manifest your desires. We use these tools to bring us closer in touch with intention, to create a pleasing sacred space, and to magnify that which may be somewhat illusive to us.Remember, every word spoken, and action taken is viewed by the universe as your intended creation—and that is all that is needed in the end.During the full moon, we may feel a little more vulnerable, a little more emotional, or a little more sensitive, as she pulls on our internal waters and stimulates ovulation. Please don’t avoid the natural “openness” we feel at this time. We are meant to feel! When we feel, we tap into a wisdom that is not governed by the mind or action. This kind of wisdom asks for receptivity and surrender. Illumination is a process of allowing, so divinely feminine in nature.Sagittarius’ influence on the moon can make things a little topsy-turvy; be prepared for surprises. Now is the time to claim your authentic expression in the world, to step into specific choices for your life. Tap into the optimistic, positive energy of this sign to harness the results you wish to see.Sagittarius, the Archer, half human and half horse, whose inherent gifts of intelligence, inspiration, and healing are the portals between realms. They can be visualized with his bow and arrows during the ceremony as they deliverer on your intention to the Universe.

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image: drew tilk on unsplash