August greetings Wild Ones!

Can we take a minute here to breathe? I find August so potent and expansive, sometimes I need to run and hide in a cave and eat grounding food to keep myself from floating out into the atmosphere!

Here’s what’s happening:

Lionsgate Portal, at its peak today, and waning until August 13th.

New Moon August 11th, Partial Solar Eclipse, AND Perseid Meteor Showers!

I’ve been dreaming, astral traveling, having communication with guides in the last week that have illuminated my purpose with new insights. How about you? What dreams or visions have you been having?

The Lionsgate Portal is something that occurs every year in July/August and is felt most strongly on the 8th. The Sun, Earth and Sirius move to specific points in the sky. Sirius is our Spiritual Sun and what activates the Third Eye, or Pineal Gland. We open to higher wisdom, or in essence, to our higher self, as well as intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.

The Perseid Meteor shower will be seen most effectively on the Dark/New Moon on the 11th, and its energy can be harnessed for communing with extra-terrestrials, calling up connections with the Fey/Underworld, working with Goddesses/Gods, or deep vision questing.

Leave spell casting for the day after the Dark Moon, unless well versed in the nuances of such work, or there is specific banishing work to be done. The darker entities are easily summoned on this day, best to leave this as a day of rest from magic.

If you’d like to work with the number 8, allow it to help you find balance between the material and immaterial worlds. Tap into its magnetic forces of renewal and infinity. 8 also speaks of abundance. Include these elements in your meditations.

I’ve been marinating in the wise words of TulaFae’s astrological forecast for each sign. Check out what it means for yours.


Lion’s Gate opens for us to receive radical wisdom. Throwing all things into flux for us to witness and re-calibrate. It is beyond letting go of what is not working our lives.

It is an energy that is asking us to choose ascension in each word or action to ourselves and others.

Who do we have on our side that will support us as we rise in embodying our wisdom?  Who can withstand the regal radiance of our expressed heart space? What energies serve us?  Take your passion and turn it into light by radical heart centered action. Currently, meditation is important throughout the Mercury Retrograde. Even if the meditation is just sitting by flowing water. Companions will be clear calcite, Icelandic spur, quartz, rose quartz, and sunstone.

There are now 6 out of 9 planets in retrograde. Retrogrades bring all that needs to be addressed to the surface. If you feel that someone is out of character, it is due to what they have been suppressing. Everyone, even yourself, needs plenty of compassionate patience.

The New Moon is the last partial eclipse of the summer. Peaking at August 11th at 08:02:08 UTC time with the moon in 17 degrees of Leo, the Sun at 18 degrees Leo.

Aspects discussed further will be the Leo Moon and Mercury Retrograde in 14 degrees Leo quincunx the Retrograde Saturn in 19 degrees Capricorn and Retrograde Neptune in Pisces at 15 degrees. The positioning creates a yod; a geometric positioning in a chart that is also known as the finger of “God” pointing to fate and destiny and karma.

Fate is pointing her finger to the illumination our subconscious desires of our hearts and how we express our talents.

Neptune brings in dreams. The dreams will be more prominent during this time. Especially for Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius. Neptune also brings up manipulation and deceit. We can easily deceive ourselves by believing we cannot have what our heart truly wants. From this space, it is also easy to continue a pattern from a concern of lack the needs of food, shelter, and love. The retrograde gives insight to how we have been continuing this and the core wounds which manifested the behavior. The heart knows what it needs out of a logic far beyond the analytical mind.

Saturn’s role here unveils karma contracts to either be assigned or annulled. Making it a wonderful time to clear, delete, and dissolve any cords and contracts with your mind, body, soul, and relationships that hold you back from claiming the authority on your radiant, wild power.

As I go about the signs, note that the rising sign is the vital component. Sun is for how life is perceived. The moon will show the journey of the emotions. Mercury is how we meditate and communicate. Reading the descriptions for one’s Venus and Mars will reveal about finances and friendships or instinct and sexuality. May you use these descriptions in a way to ascends your confidence and consciousness in all aspects of your life.


The eclipse happens in your 5th house, eager for you to get the creative project off the ground. Beloved Aries, your expression and creations are perfect as they are now. Yes, even if they do not feel fully formed. People need you to do what you do best for the greater good. Keep being the leader and show up regardless of what is going on or how you feel. Forgive those who trespass against you by not forgetting but by making your boundaries firmer. Be direct in your compassion and understand the most loving actions can be letting go. Allow the bounty of blessings that are ready for you.


Uranus became retrograde in your sign on the 7th.  It is too easy to fool yourself in being unable to manifest what you need. Go back to your values. Dig into your stubbornness when in the manifestation process. Remember your worth as you appreciate all that you have at the point you are in now. Walk barefoot on grass, smell the sunshine, and close your eyes and breath and smile into your heart. Things will shift quickly. All of it is working out as intended for your alignment. Remember being in bliss is what ascends us. Placing concern in money, finances, shelter, and romance are all distractions shielding your eyes from absolutely accepting the goodness that is coming to you.


Eclipse in your 3rd house of communication. Honor your truth, speak it with your heart, and allow others to show up with their truth. Saturn in your 8th house has been nudging you to build own resources for your future. Uranus retrograde in your 12th is leading to spectacular insight. It is a perfect time to shift patterns of belief that have karmically played out in your lineage. Look to how your parents have had relationship to money, themselves, and others in their life. Chose what you adore and what is time for you to shift.


Uranus retrograde in the 11th house will bring friends and connections. These connections are usually people you have just started to get to know or have always admired you from afar. The eclipse in the 2nd house of your own image and values. Your finances reflect how your feel about yourself. If you feel you are radically changing, accept it. Lose all concept of what others expect you to be for them.


Simply radiate from your heart. Meditate with your hands on your heart. Uranus in your 8th beckons your intuition and spiritual growth. Go back to old practices that have been swept under the pace of life. Most likely practices and routines you had in 2016. Saturn is bringing a lot of awareness to your body so take care of it kindly.


Mercury retrograde is bringing up aspects of the subconscious that need to be deleted. The inner critic can hold you back from choosing your own reality. The words that speak in your mind as you think are potent during the eclipse and new moon. What you think, you will create.


It will serve you well to change around the furnishings and decorations in a room. Maybe an altar in a certain direction that is specific to your desires. There are some activities in the home that have not been addressed. Perceive who truly has your best interest within your community. Network with those that wish would want to give you the leg up. Express yourself passionately to all you know. Please don’t attempt to censor your heart.


Career is changing; traveling will create more ideas. The 9th house is activated bringing in innovative ideas, new ways of teaching, and new psychic connections. As ascension is happening to your consciousness, you are being gifted with ascended guides that have witnessed your journey recently. You are becoming clear with what you want and need. It is time to place all events and relationships to the universe. Follow the flow of the ascension as you transmute.


Being honest with your values. Communicating your perceptions and intuition is needed by everyone who surrounds you. It is necessary to be in the heart. You are not one to mince words, yet truth from you sets others free. Recognize and own where you are not being truthful to what you sense and believe.


Relationships will take the focus during the eclipse and the new moon. It is important to have some space to yourself to perceive your needs and your changing values. Relish in the relationships who support you and nurture you. Spend extra quality time with those who matter the most after your alone time.


Holding space for creating your dreams. It may be only in visualization for five minutes in a day. Be in the process of creating it. Let it happen even though it will not be perfect or make much sense. All that is holding you back is a deep-rooted doubt.


Finding new ways to communicate and express yourself. See it as a way of expanding your vocabulary with precision of describing where you are at emotionally. The world needs your service of intimacy by the way you speak and connect with others. Spending time at home and writing will help in this process. The eclipse is offering a way to reveal yourself to all who seek the medicine of your wisdom.


Darlings, we are in a continual cycle of ups and downs, the planets do their thing, externalizing our internal landscape. We won’t ever be done with retrogrades or full moons or eclipses. We will always play with fire, light and dark will color our soul journey. There is barely a breath of relief between one celestial occurrence and another. The wheel turns and we with it. What we make of it – that’s where the magic is.

Let’s support each other during this incredibly powerful period in time – non-linear of course, haha! Let us be kind. Let us observe the sky and our internal universe. We are but stars. And that is a beautiful truth.


TulaFae is a well-being coach, astrologer, yoga teacher, world traveler, and a candidate pursuing a license in naturalistic medicine. Her work uncovers blocks in the energy, mental, and physical bodies by illuminating the blueprint of each soul set in and individual’s star charts. She helps others connect to their purpose in life through astrology, meditation, and essential oils. Dissolving confusion and delays of desire by using the body and mind to get tuned into one’s inner compass with harmony and trust.

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