I am becoming hungry.
Not because of lack of food although there has been a dearth of that while cleansing.
But my spirit requires a hunger that gnaws at my core until wide open at heart center, I can see beyond previously imagined horizons – like a traveler standing on a mountain top, hand shading her brow, awakens to her visions when suddenly, the mist lifts from the distant shore.
Hunger lifts the mist and the questions and brings a desire for an infilling of the sacred container.
I am hungrier than I have ever been but my hunger is satisfying.
If hunger is consuming, it will destroy your dreams.
If hunger is satisfying it will birth inspiration.
Feed your hunger with every scrap of positivity and love that you can gather, for your sacredness is a gift of ancient stardust, it is the soil of your beginnings.
Release your hunger to the wind. The wind knows. It will bring back what you need. Release your hunger to the moon, and let the tide bring back your treasures. Release your hunger to your inner wisdom, there is courage in not knowing, yet stepping out onto your sacred path. © r&m/m.c.

image/pinterest – Salleh Sparrow Photography