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The end of 2019 brings us to an uncomfortable cusp, where we have a final opportunity to peer into the darkness, and with great courage, keep peering, until the darkness dissolves from either our understanding of it or from understanding itself, having been shown the light in our hearts.

The Dark Moon is the domain of the crone, the decomposing energy which prepares the ground for new growth and birthing. We have been steeping in this energetic tea since Samhain, Oct. 31. This dark moon phase of the year between then and Solstice/Yule, opens space for reflection, dissection, contemplation and release.

Our challenge is to not only peer but to intuit what is still valuable material for growth, and what we are completely done with. So often, we abandon this journey part-way, because the process can be very dense.

“Asteroid Lucifer #1930 is conjunct the North node Destiny, and therefore prominent in this Solar Eclipse as 12:13 A.M. Eastern time, December 26. Lucifer, evil, the Wetiko and Trickster energies in general are a frequency barrier that protect the Dharma. If we are able to look into them, without looking away, we have access to the mystery, to the superconscious state.” – Lalita Karoli

I see the Luciferian energy present during this eclipse as a positive, illuminating force, a symbol of freedom, as Lucifer, the Light Bringer, shows the way for understanding what dark forces operate in our world today and what paradigms/ structures need disseminating. Lucifer is the ultimate teacher of what it means to take a stand, to be authentic, to part with patriarchy and be accountable for taking that stand.

The Sun and Moon align now with Jupiter, bringing synchronistic growth, abundance and good fortune. How can we communicate our visions? How can be birth a new collective consciousness through attention and intention?

It is through doing our own work, through our own integrity, our own commitment to a healthy, living, breathing planet, through our love for our Great Mother, through dreaming great visions for the common good, through understanding our past and the darkness of our own hearts that we shift.

In these last days of 2019, before 2020 becomes the builder of the new earth, we must, must, must become comfortable with the uncomfortable within ourselves. And then, with loving-kindness, we grow into the reason we are here… to live through the heart.

The irony of the synchronicity between Christmas, a solar eclipse (the Feminine in a shadow dance with the Masculine), Lucifer the Light Bringer and a New Moon, is that darkness becomes the source of new life. Which is always the message of the Hag, the old woman in the woods, the rotting leaves, the dark phase of everything.

In the days to come after the eclipse, as the moon begins to crescent in the sky, open wide to possibility. Open to the Creatress/or within. Let your freak flag fly. I say this with one not so small caveat… have you peered long enough into the shadows?

Who are you within the tapestry of this quite special moon?

What have you to say or do?


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