“For we all have our own twilights and mists and abysses to return to.” ~ Sanober Khan

Twin flame relationships are part of deep, soul-evolution.

They guide us on a path of self-realization, of integrity, and, most importantly, self-love.

I believe that one of the reasons twin flame awareness is in the forefront right now is because of the massive influx of Aquarian energy to the planet. As you can imagine, such frequency shifts awaken changes to our DNA. When this happens, portals open for extraordinary experiences.

We are simply craving the type of soul contact that a twin flame relationship can bring about. Gradually shifting from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius, our intuition and memories extend past the mundane world to the wisdom found in connections that challenge us. The soul attracts what is most needed for its immediate expansion.

Instinctively, we grasp at the idea that twin flame relationships last forever, bring an undeniable peace, and finally free us from the love merry-go-round. Twin flame connections are one of the most misunderstood types of love, often lumped in with karmic contracts as well as the will to turn a passionate, intense union into something it may not be.

It can be frustrating to navigate any relationship, without complicating it by stamping “twin flame” on it, or employing that common excuse for staying with someone toxic by stating that we’re working out some kind of karmic shenanigans. I’m not saying that we don’t encounter lovers from past lives or that there may be bonds or vows in place which need clarity, but nine out of ten times, those karmic debt ideas may be more of a codependency situation.

It’s not a given that we will meet our twin flame in any lifetime. Twins may agree to work in separate realms, one may never incarnate into a human body, while both may during one lifetime and then never again. The beautiful thing about that is that the connection is not reliant on meeting in the flesh. It is possible to materialize a union with only one flame present in the third dimension. The role of each is to create or attract situations through which both learn and evolve regardless of a romantic connection in the physical sense.

Having said that, there are many true twin flame lovers out there!

They usually come with an array of undeniable synchronicities which signal the crossing of paths. The challenges will not always be monumental, but when they are, they will define your life.

Always, the intention between twin flames is to move toward the highest good of the soul.

That may not look like what we desire though. It may mean a long or brief encounter—the length is not necessarily of consequence, nor the intensity—but more poignantly, the medicine which is extracted through meeting is what counts.

The Rest Here, Wild Ones!

Image: Apostolhs Gkoutzidhs/Unsplash


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