IMG_4880Every trip to England brings me closer to the sharp realization that I have experienced other lifetimes there, and that my near proximity to stone circles and various lay lines increases my knowledge of ancient wisdom.

I have been reading ‘EARTH’ Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, by Barbara Marciniak. Truly, this book, is a treasure house of insights as passed on to Ms. Marciniak through the extra-terrestrials, the Pleiadians. I learn and re-learn from it daily. Something I read the other day confirmed my feelings about how we pick up information from other civilizations as well as  from previously deposited knowledge to the earthly plane. I think that quoting the book will make more sense than trying to make sense of it in my own words. But the one thing I will quote myself as saying is; if you can get your hands on this book, it will blow your mind, and change how you view life on earth.

From ‘Earth’: the ancients who lived on this planet built libraries of a very different nature than you build today…..tribal leaders and leaders of certain cultures journeyed to places that were known to have a special stone…….they were prepared to hold data and information that would be transmitted telepathically from people’s minds into the stone structures……Information was stored in stone and bone, with stones being the bones of the earth…. when you visit ancient sacred sites that you call power places, you experience electro-magnetic formulas for higher consciousness….you pick up what you left there thousands of years ago to reclaim’

!!!!!!! Wow! That struck a chord and resonated big time.

Every time I return home, I feel like the whole of humanity has experienced and evolved with me. And the Pleiadians seem to think so as well.