I’m in love with a series of poems written by Tracy Seiden. They explore Woman in her many phases, shadows, light, beauty, laughter and sadness. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.

Here is part 7 of 10, named Hope.

“She is made of fragments of dreams though she weaves a golden thread through thoughts like a breadcrumb path home. Her age sits around her feet like ripples of stardust and glitter. She has been dashed when her vibration got too intense and still, still she floats.

She sews the fabric of garden sprouts in spring, lifting hearts in sparkling rhythm to the beat of her optimism. She brings smiles in her eyes ushering in a new life.

She gives wings to summer fantasy as new love settles in young bones, that call as birds sing and anything seems possible in the poetry of your skin.

She weaves mystical golden thread through autumn’s auburn forest as her lovers snuggle in firelight discussing future plans of finding shelter in her and still, still she floats.

She burrows deep in winter’s dreamlike state still knitting her golden thread through crystal wonderland sleigh rides and silent walks near deep blue river guiding her lovers to the promise of spring once again and still. Still she floats.”

Here is Part One

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