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Yoni Worship. An Ancient Tantric Practice.

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The Tantra path of Yoni worship has been lost for centuries, and when not lost.. .hidden.

The Yoni is a temple. The Divine Feminine energy, the essence of Shakti, can be worshiped or connected to through Yoni meditation or Yoni gazing.

Through the Yoni, the Universe is manifested, from the Spirit realm into the physical. Through the Yoni, we enter the energetic heart and up through the chakras, we ascend to Spirit once more.

It is the gateway for all magic and creative manifestation.

A lovely way to worship at the temple of Yoni is to spend time gazing, offer her flowers, offer her pleasure, offer her your meditation practice.

She is the gateway to All That Is. ?

 Try this Coconut Oil Recipe for the Yoni!
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