“We tend to think about life purpose on a grand scale. Changing the world, saving the whales, finding a cure for disease, but really, we can become paralyzed by such thoughts and completely miss what we are here to do.

Sometimes it is in the small details that we find our greatest purpose. Kindness, love, service to mankind is not measured by volume but by a clear heart—giving what we can from the best part of ourselves unconditionally.

Somewhere, deep down you have felt the stirrings of a dream that only you can birth. It could be anything at all, big or small, but trust me when I say that you are the only person on this planet, in this time, who can manifest the specific purpose you were born to. It may not appear important to anyone else than you, but that is fine, this is between you and the Universe.

Determine what this is, write it down, and mark it on your heart. The vision must be clear to manifest. Embody the emotions you will feel when the dream is at hand, feel these things on a cellular level. The time is now, my friend.” copyright, monika carless @elephant journal – image: moonandtreestumblr.com/pinterest