Heroin, I’ve heard, promises all kinds of good things. New things. Good feelings, hopeful, blissed out nirvana where the sun always shines and we get to start all over again.

The past is forgotten, there is only this moment of future possibilities.

And it feels so damn good. We’re on top of the world again, our sins erased, our failures inconsequential.

We’re in a state of no-thought.

In this moment of drug induced no-thought (a good place to be when reached via a meditation practice) anything is possible. Because when we’re high, by whatever means, the brain is open to positivity, no matter what.

New Years is like heroin, a seductive temptress who crooks her finger and leads us to believe that at the stroke of midnight, we will have stepped into a new reality, a parallel dimension where we are not really who we were back there—last year, last month, last minute—we are born again and have finally seen the light.

But time is not linear, although we perceive it to be, it is cyclical. And while New Year’s pretends that we have stepped forward, we are actually turning back to where we started the year before. Every New Year is a full turn of the wheel, and with each turn we are faced with ourselves once more.

We have expectations of the New Year: we expect to be renewed, re-inspired, more ambitious, more motivated.

Somehow, stepping over that imaginary threshold from one year to the next makes us deliriously confident about accomplishing what we couldn’t the year before.

I actually am a great believer in portals that move us between states of being.

I also believe that we are all capable of great and positive things.

The mind is a powerful ally that can be engaged into a partnership of sorts, where our bodies comply with the desires of the mind. But here is where I think we can do better with New Year’s Resolutions.

In a way, we see the New Year thing as a savior. This savior will come along—and it comes along every year ever so faithfully—so if we don’t make our changes this year there’s always the next year (hit)—no worries there’s more time for improvement.

We have handed over our power to The New Year drug. Instead of making our own decision about when, what, why and how, we wait for this “God of All Things New” to give us the key to our new best self.

We anticipate this hand-off of the baton. We disempower ourselves by disengaging from the Now, and allowing the Future to rule our being.

“The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time” ~ Buddha

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