“Where does love go when we fall out of it? Does it no longer exist, is it an energy you spent that has been wasted or serves no purpose?

I’ve often thought about this, and in the past felt a grief and sorrow for the love that once was. But nature taught me that everything I have felt, done, created, experienced or seen is on a beautiful continuum of birth, life, death and re-birth.

Just like the seasons, we cycle and recycle. Energy transmutes from one form to another, indestructible and accessible if only we look for it in all its manifestations.

Love is like water; sometimes flowing like liquid, sometimes a vapor, sometimes frozen, but in each state, it still IS. We are also like this, in spirit form, then human, then spirit once more and so it goes, all energy, Divinity, experiencing itself in all that is, and was, and will be, devoid of judgement; just BEING.

Sometimes we must grieve love, the sate in which we experienced it, because when it has served its purpose in our lives it leaves, and our sadness is real and must be acknowledged. When we are ready, if we are ready, we allow it to move on with love and gratitude for its presence. Then we heal and we open to love once more.

So do not worry, my loves, for the love you once held in your heart. The essence of that gift carries on because that is the way of the Universe. Nothing is wasted, nothing is without reason. All is sacred.”