If you watch the planets you’ll already know that Mars went into stationary retrograde yesterday and today Pluto follows suit.

Now I’m not an astrologer by training, but do understand the effects of planetary activities on the human condition. Sometimes, the effects are subtle, and other times, they spin us into an emotional conundrum.

Here’s the thing; we, as creatures part of the Divine Matrix, cannot help being pulled into the vortex of planetary foibles. Sure, they’re doing their own thing, and we’re doing ours, but there is a thread that connects all of creation and that thread is woven into our human tapestry.

Change is inevitable, and retrogrades not only precipitate but enhance changes that must occur on our life path.

We are programmed to respond – that is the truth of it. As the planets spin and proceed to enact their existence, so do we evolve into our soul’s purpose.

How can we more than survive the emotional craziness that befalls us when planets step into the mystic? The first thing to remember is that we are so much more than bodies and a bucket full of to-do lists. We are sacred entities, spiraling energetic beings, we are vastness itself.

Knowing that, I can escape the feeling of ‘woe is me – retrograde is making a mess of my head and heart’. This thing we do, living here in a hectic-must-accomplish-this scenario, is really just an illusion. If you could tap into where you  go at night when you astral travel and do essential soul work, you would face each day with the realization that while this humanity thing matters, it really is only the tip of the iceberg. You’re here to discover the miracle beneath your day to day.

Expand your vision of yourself and know that when the planets spin in retrograde, you are being called to a deeper experience of Self.

As a mystic, I observe the heavens and call the activity unto myself. As above so below. I want to expand and be broken open by the wobble our earth feels when her solar brothers and sisters radiate frenetic energy. If it’s to be, I wish to be part of it, I wish to find treasures in the chaos.

It is during the chaos that we truly grow.

Retrogrades occur all year long and come in cycles. Well, my loves we are also cyclical creatures. Best to go with the flow.

I suggest integrating ourselves into the speed wobble. Just become part of the energy. It can be a very intense time, but with a few tools, retrograde can be a time of discovery about what to leave behind and what to embrace.

Awareness is one tool. Use any number of astrological web-sites to map out all the year’s retrogrades and with this awareness, tap into the energy vortex’s by choice, instead of letting them happen to you. It’s like a roller coaster…when you can see the rise and fall of the track you are on, you can prepare for the highs and the lows.

Grounding is another excellent tool. I find that I need much more emotional support during any retrograde, and placing the burden on my partner for it is unfair…although he tries his best to be extra sensitive towards me when I am acting more crazy than usual. To help myself, I perform exercises, such as visualizing myself growing roots deep into the ground, or I employ the aid of my tree friends and hug/hang out with them whenever possible; or I eat heavier food that allow for a steadier emotional state. Also, actual exercise as a form of release is very helpful. It can be yoga or running, whatever suits you.

Meditation is my favorite tool to be honest. That relieves me of my mind and truly, there is no better thing than being mind-less. I like listening to chanting, and chant along, letting Sanskrit mantra’s fill me with joy. Other times, I play with my singing bowl, light some incense and candles and allow myself the company of my spirit guides.

When I visualize the planets speeding along, and my energy rises to meet their magic, I allow dreams to surface. All visions are treated with reverence and care, and I write down what occurs to me, to incorporate into the ‘Between’ times. You can learn much from what appears to your consciousness during a retrograde.

Most importantly, I seek balance. It’s easy to spin away with oneself and get caught up in the mire. Seek balance and learn about yourself, because retrograde is all about exposing our weaknesses so that we can move past them.

We are on a continuum of energy that knows no bounds. To be afraid of retrograde is already playing into a lower frequency that keeps us from facing the next turn in the road.

Yes, it is wise to monitor our activities by the planets. I do so, and usually, things turn out better when I do. But I don’t avoid what crops up as a seeming obstacle during a retrograde. I see it as a guidepost, a lesson in where I am avoiding challenge.

I hope this has been helpful. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, or; as the planets do. All that the planets do is simply a reflection of our own inner landscape. And that’s not bad, it can be very enlightening.