Wild Ones, I have to admit, this one boggled me for a while.

Before we know, we seek, we ask questions, we speak to our spirit guides who sometimes explain esoteric concepts in a language not easily understood by the average human brain. Sometimes we read a lot of New Age garble and become further confused.

I thought I’d kick up a little guide for us all… pardon my nerdiness.

In my circle, which is worldwide thanks to the internet and so many of you who loyally follow my work, talk of ascension to the 5th dimension is pretty frequent. I’m not too fond of the ascending bit, because I’m definitely not fond of hierarchy, but think of it more as an expansion.

I don’t personally know too many people who are fully in 5D. Maybe Eckharte Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh? I’m sure there’s more but in all truth, most of us are transitioning, part of our awareness resides in 3D, part in 4th and so on. Which brings me to an important point. 5D is not a place as such!

It’s an awareness, a way of experiencing our Beingness and that of others, it’s a consciousness shift. So we ‘get’ there by how we perceive the experience of life on earth as a spirit having a human experience.

Rockin’ 3D

In the 3rd dimension, where human consciousness seems predominantly stationed still, we are living the concept of separation. It’s us against them. We’re not part of the matrix of creation, we are the apex and everything revolves around us. It’s based on belief systems rooted in the God, man, then lower on the scale – woman and everything else philosophy – God and man obviously decide what’s what. (Rolls eyes. I’m completely in 3D judgement of this)

Here it is perfectly fine to compare and deem other nationalities, races, genders as not quite up to par. In 3D we think in terms of right and wrong, good and bad, fixate on polarities. We take issue with abundance (scarcity mentality), judge those with it and those without it. Basically, lots of comparison, judgement and live the idea that everything we seek is outside of ourselves. Therefore, we are constantly in pursuit of something or in competition with someone.

I think patriarchy has got this 3D stuff down pat. Just sayin’.

4th Dimension

In 4d our belief systems take a radical shift. We begin to understand that we are part of the All and the All is part of us. We see Spirit as something integral to our being, it is not ‘up there’ or out there, it’s who we are. We resonate with the I Am. Age of Aquarius here we come!

As we awaken, we quite surprisingly come into heavy judgement of the systems we have been governed by for so long. It’s almost like finding religion all over again. We are right and those people who are asleep are well, asleep. And it’s our job to wake them up! So we rail on about the Illuminati, (I do it all the time), conventional medicine, GMO’s, the freakin’ chemtrails. My partner talks about the reptilians and central banks. All of a sudden, we become the town crier.

Spirituality is our new mantle. We’re a little better than those people who don’t own an electric car, or those carnivores, or whatever it is us enlightened ones want them to wake up to. We’re down on Ego and try to live without it. You just can’t… unless you leave your human body. It’s part of fight and flight. You could die without it. Truly.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very much against GMO’s and chemtrails. But I still eat meat and don’t own a bicycle.

Here’s the thing, kittens. If we’re judging someone for where they’re at with this whole thing, we’re not in 5D. We’re probably half-steeped in 4D and in awareness of 5D as a point of soulful reference. And, it doesn’t really matter where one is at. We’re all experiencing this being human thing in our own timing, in our own way. My desire is to live from the heart, all ways and always. And that brings me to 5D.

5D. The New Earth.

Unity consciousness, once embodied, is living purely through the heart.

I’ve studied some of Drunvalo Melchizedek (say that quickly 10 times!) He runs a Living Through the Heart school. I haven’t been but watch his transmissions. Drunvalo is a Walk-in, which is another post. Anyhow, he speaks of the New Earth as being completely an act of heart-consciousness. It is spoken of by today’s spiritual masters in a variety of ways.

In 5D, we embody Oneness. We are not concerned about what anyone else is doing, we love. We work on our shit. We are not afraid of our shadows. We speak in the language of compassion and forgiveness. Our boundaries become rock solid, we feel but we do not overwhelm. We become co-creators of our own reality with the Universe, which is, you guessed it, Us!

‘Within’ is the password for enlightenment. All those systems that worked for us or that we admired in 3 and 4D fall away. We are mindful but not mind-controlled. We are who we are not what we do. Everything becomes easier because we do not bother ourselves with all those things that the mind previously told us was our business.

We have mastered the art of Being. And it’s all about perception. It’s a flick of the switch, it can happen for some spontaneously, you can’t reason your way to it, you FEEL your way. Through the heart.

You can see how a 5D world would erase so many of our problems. We wouldn’t abuse the environment because it would be energetically impossible to. Our frequency would match the frequency of unconditional love. We couldn’t war, we wouldn’t know greed or despotism.

It’s all frequency. It’s alignment. It happens through the heart. Don’t over-think, that’s 3D. 4D is almost like trying to force it to happen by making others do what’s right. 5D is simply being in heart space.

I know it sounds too easy… so we’re just going to live through the heart? Yup. Bingo. That’s it. I’m not kidding.

Wild Ones, I hope this has been helpful. I think you’re amazing. Thank you for stopping by and sharing this time with me.

Heart hugs and soul kisses, Monika.