Art: Emily Balivet – The Moon: Goddess of Mystery

2018 is on the cusp, and we have walked through the fire to reap it’s gifts!

2017 was a strict initiator. We have moved through many, many layers of self-discovery, self-mastery, ripping ourselves open to introspect our deepest truth. It’s been painful yet liberating, yes?

A common theme during this passing year has been a call to standing in truth, to discerning what it is we truly want. We have seen visions of possibility, and struggled with how to reach those enchanting dreams.

Spirit has spoken to us in holographic forms such as natural disasters, violent outbreaks far away and on domestic soil, political upheaval but also through advancements in environmental technology and human empathy. We have seen it all, the mirror of what is within us. And in doing so, we have the chance to embrace the swift advancement toward Unity Conscientiousness.

I know that many of you are actively upcoding your DNA, that your chakras are being filled with divine light and transforming, that some of you are engaging with and learning from Extra-terrestrial Beings, that ancestors are speaking through you, that we are, together, welcoming the energy of the 5th Dimension and that some already inhabit that space.

2018 is an 11 year, and that brings with it a rise of consciousness in a magnitude of waves that will see us accomplish wondrous things! Are you ready? Because you are called to adventure, to owning your wisdom, to breaking open old paradigms, to love and peace and the blessings of Unity.

We cannot function on the old system of polarities. 2017 has been the work we needed to do to see the Oneness. January kick starts the year with TWO Full Super Moons, a signal from the cosmos that humans and nature conspire to create the change we are seeking.

Here are some brilliant words via my soul sister Alex Myles about the significance of The Super Moon, the Number 11, and our inner work ahead:

“January’s full moon is incredibly special.

Not only is it the first (and closest to planet Earth) full moon of 2018, but it is also the first of two supermoons in January, as January 31st will gift another supermoon to the sky. This enchanting full moon will be illuminating the night between January 1st and 2nd (depending on which part of the world we are in).

Another reason this moon is so significant is that it begins on a potent 11:11 portal, which takes place on January 1st. In numerology January 1st is an “11” number, as it is the first day of the first month on an 11 year. (2+0+1+8=11)

The number 11 is perceived as a master number that symbolizes new beginnings, illumination, inspiration, and independence. It is the most intuitive, creative, enlightening, and insightful number in numerology. Eleven is known as a “messenger” and is a guiding force that helps us readjust and gravitate toward our unique divine path so that we make the most of the opportunities intended for us.

The vibration of 11:11 is the universe’s way of delivering an awakening call, which raises our awareness by jolting us to pay attention to the endless flow of epiphanies, signs, synchronicities, and serendipities happening all around us. Whenever we are in the midst of 11:11 energy, we will notice familiar déjà vu sensations, as though we are remembering something from a past life or dream—and we won’t always fully understand who or what the memories are about. However, over the coming months, everything will start to fall in to place and make complete sense.

This moon is shrouded in 11 energy, as the moon sits at 11° Cancer and the sun sits at 11° Capricorn. In other words, we will have a double 11:11 in play. The moon is also opposite Venus and trine Neptune, which brings additional mystery, intrigue, sensuality, love, and romance.

Cancer not only rules the moon, but also emotions, so during this full moon we will notice that our emotions are stirred and running high. Although this will be a highly intense period, it is the optimum opportunity to reflect on the past year and to set intentions for exactly who and what we want in our lives during 2018, as Cancer’s lunar energy highlights the path we are destined to travel throughout the year. It encourages us to actively seek out what nourishes us and to positively attune our energy.

With the moon opposite Venus—and Goddess Venus being the Divine Feminine—we will sense that our feminine energy is heightened; therefore, intuition, sensitivity, tenderness, compassion, sensuality, insight, and affection will be enhanced, especially around those we feel a strong connection to.

The zodiac sign Cancer and Divine Feminine energy are both strongly linked to water, which is the element of emotions. This full moon is going to be teaching us to learn better ways to emotionally express ourselves particularly around those who mean the most to us. Feminine energy is vibrating strongly and is immensely healing—therefore, once we are willing to embrace our deepest wounds and forgive past mistakes, we will awaken our inherent ability to self-heal and transcend beyond hurt, betrayal, and emotional or mental trauma.

When we open ourselves to healing, we will see that no one else can fill our voids or wave a magic wand and fix what we see as broken. No other person has the ability to repair our fractured hearts or minds. We are the only ones who are capable of soothing our internal aches and pains, so it is vital that we refrain from seeking solace externally and that we stop neglecting ourselves. Instead, we must recognize our limitations while also focusing our undivided attention on taking care of our own personal needs and desires.” ~ Alex Myles

There is so much more, Read the Rest Here!

My guides tell me that massive shifts will be occurring on the planet in the next 12 months. Our Mother Earth, a living, breathing Being, has work to do as well, and in communication with other planets, the moon, star systems and their inhabitants, She will be bringing this work to us, but especially the Feminine which is her sacred representative.

Rise, Sisters, rise and invite the Masculine to support us in our work. We have much to learn from each other, absorbing each other’s strengths, fostering compassion and tenderness for the planet which is our home. may we walk upon her with reverent feet.

Whatever world we speak of, that is what we create. So let our words be mindful, to call upon that which we desire. Let us fully know that we cannot be complacent, watching the world go by, and complain about it’s state. We are creating our reality with every thought and every word and action or non-action.

What do you choose?

Remember, in the next month, to breathe, seek silence and most importantly, sit in gratitude. That is where the manifesting magic is!

I leave you with a stirring video about the element of Water, as it features so powerfully during the Full Moon. Listen to Pat McCabe, a Lakota activist, as she shares her incredible experience with this life force.

New Years Blessings, my loves! I hold you in safe, loving space within my heart. Thank you for all you have shared with me this past year and for supporting my work.

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