The last week has, ironically and sadly, seen several of my friends experience the death of a loved one or someone close to them.

I myself have had many encounters with death, and truly know how the heart and mind looks for ways to make sense of what has happened. Often, we think things that we will never share with another for fear that our grief has made us unbalanced in our reactions.

But in truth, no matter how strange our thoughts in times of grief, they are just part of the process of making semblance of an occurrence that is confusing at best.

For humans, letting go is a most difficult life lesson.

In some civilizations of old, when a person was experiencing grief, they were allowed to leave the clan or village and reside by themselves in the woods until their grief was spent. They could scream, weep, tear at their hair and fully immerse in the pain of it all, until pain was transmuted into peace.

Their clan members would bring them food and solace but mainly they left space for the griever to experience the pain instead of laying it aside, so that they could continue on with their daily contributions to the group. Others would take over their chores or responsibilities.

There was no time limit on this process. No one told them that they were wallowing, or that by now they should be on to the next stage of grief.

I think that modern society could learn from this.

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