The Free the Nipple campaign has spurred a cacophony of reactions online.

I’ve been mulling this over for a good few weeks.

While most of us can agree that the issue of “equal rights” is what’s most important, opinion is divided as to whether the right to bare breasts and nipples is truly going to make a positive difference.

I chose the image above for the questions it brought to my mind: Is the Woodstock music event one that evokes actions of rebellion to the status quo? If so, how amazing is that? Who is the man on whose shoulders the topless lady sits? A partner perhaps? He seems quite happy to support her decision.

She’s stunning…wow!

Is she a free spirit as a rule? What prompted her to remove her shirt?

What should I make of the reactions of the men in her circle? Are they leering? Is their reaction creepy or supportive?

Toplessness in women is still a profoundly powerful subject.

Nudity has been, and still is, a source of religious controversy, a political quandary, a question of propriety. And not just on the internet where nudity has become the hot potato to pass around until we either give up or stand up to a powerful social media icon—it’s a topic for all layers of society.

We’re addicts of nudity in the West and beyond; the forbidden is incredibly attractive.

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