I bow to you, the men who leave us breathless.

You have mastered the complexity of what it means to love a woman.

Perhaps when you were new to us, you found love at the hand of some generous teacher, someone who knew that to receive one must give.

Someone who wasn’t shy to share her needs; a woman who armed you with ways to break the rest of us open, like a seedpod that spills itself under the right kind of pressure.

Or perhaps you have always been intuitive in the art of making love. Perhaps you understand how to tune us like the delicate but powerful instrument that we are.

You know that while we sometimes like to be on top taking charge of your magnificence, the times that you demand our surrender are the most exhilarating of all.

Because you approach us with a force that splinters the air between us.

Because your hands take us hostage, rush the breath from our lungs.

Because your mouth insists on taking every moan as a reply to your hunger.

Because your body against ours is the rock that we can rely on.

Because your words light a fire that can safely consume us.

Sometimes we just need a man who knows what he’s doing.

Some nights it’s so good to let go of all the things that we take care of, and face you honestly, our authenticity an aphrodisiac for a man with your character.

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