I am awoken.

I am embarking on my sacred sexual journey, on the road to ecstasy.

My old beliefs have been shed like a superfluous snake skin, paper thin against the new boldness of my spirit, left to flutter in the wind where I scraped myself against convention and fear.

I am awoken to my desires. I am awoken to the Goddess crying out in the still of the night;

Take me lover, strip me bare, kiss me with a tongue so bold that it leaves me shaking in your arms

I know what I want and it’s not what I’ve allowed before. In my old skin, lovers took my body but rarely sought my soul.

Search my eyes. You’ll find a she-wolf. I’ll be the fierce female ally to your manly heart.

Search my soul. I’ll be the lady who hungrily serves your lusty bed.

Search my heart. Honesty bleeds there and awaits your touch.

Search my body. It is fire risen high, consuming like a storm of everything you dare to expose.

I am awoken and seek a warrior who is not afraid to f*ck me well. I need a lover with daring words on his lips. One whose honor is written on his face.

Follow me on my journey, seek the altar of my being.

I wish to feel your sacredness before you stand naked by my fire. Before your passion touches mine, I will anoint you with oils. I wish to share my wine and my dreaming herbs. Let me hear your ancient chant, the one that brings the spirits out.

I only share my sacred well with lovers who want me whole—body, emotions and soul.

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