It’s in the way you own me

Delicious delirium surrounds us
You circle me, thin rope at your side
Your handsome face determined

You are my well deserved reward

The trademarks of our play
I fall before you
My master, the man who drives my madness
With the rhythm of a practiced hand

My freedom is yours
And you take it with skill
Every nuance of your commands
A testament of your willingness
To understand me at my core

Your whispers bear the terseness of your will

Your half naked body a tease for my hungry eyes

May I please see what makes my mouth water so?

It was because of your honesty
It was because of your trustworthiness
That I was able to be broken
Stripped of my pride
On my knees before you

Your love keeps me begging
Because you desire me body and soul
My mind already yours
My sharp intellect what makes you hard
Every time I speak my truth.

But you make me pay for the words I say when I wish to excite you

I love a man who needs words to create a dangerous bed

I love that you never question my quest for being possessed

You know that the world makes me compete

But when you own me I am simply my most elemental self

A woman who can bare every kink
Sure that my secrets are safe with you

So when you insist that I humble myself
My knees splayed, arms stretched out before me, forehead touching the cool
Of your sinful bedroom floor
I am whole

I don’t know if you’ll touch me first
Your fingers exploring what is already scented with thrill
Or leave me there while you finish your drink
Staring at what is yours
Or whether I’ll have to make my way to you on hands and knees
Tongue out
Breasts heaving
Pussy tightening
Legs quivering

Hoping for the exquisite way you f*ck

When you speak
My darling
My love
Just know that I live to serve your lust

There is no-where else for me to go

But to fall into what makes me yours