IMG_4370The nature of time started changing at the beginning of December 12, 2012. At that point, it changed from a linear movement – hence the Mayan prophesy about the ‘end of time’ – to a centrifugal movement. This type of time is called exponential time, and with it came exponential change”

(From ‘Looking Ahead: A Time of Unexpected Solutions” by the Seer Almine, Sedona Journal of Emergence)

While I have some difficulty in grasping the intricacies of the time/space continuum, I do understand that we have began a journey of rapid change, most of which we have had the power to influence over the last many centuries, through our thought process and our actual ‘beingness’ on the earthly plane.

We cannot pretend that what we think about is not part of the creative process of our destiny, and as we learn to ‘feel’ and ‘flow’ our way through this dimension, we are allowing massive changes to transpire, for good or bad. Good or bad is not really good or bad, but simply a holograph of our experience, although we might feel it as those particular dualities.

Lately, it has been Fukushima that has been forefront of my thought process. The damage is paramount; but the ‘flow’ of the damage is what really interests me. There is no judgement in the flow, it just ‘is’, continuing on it’s way without any real intent for malice, yet the malice is occurring non-the-less. Perhaps the malice is in the denial of the gravity of the flow, perhaps there we can hang our blame? Still, blame placed or not, we are on a trajectory of the breakdown of life on earth as we know it, and into it is added all the other environmental disasters of our age which will make us or break us.

In fact, the planet is not interested in whether we survive or not, we are a small part of the web, and equal in value to the earth’s plan as any other being…including an ant. The planet is not even interested in whether it will survive or not, because it has peace in not ‘being’ as well. It will do what needs doing to re-make itself, despite the challenges. So I do not worry about whether we have ‘time’ to make all things better, the victory is in the awareness of need for change, and a personal commitment to being a healthy part of the web, then flowing with whatever is. I’m learning to let go of the expectations that thoughts of time have paralyzed me with. Worrying about running out of time makes us crazy, and we lose all sane perspective of ‘future’ which is an illusion anyway. For today, I will work on being a healthy cell in the body of creation. The planet will know what to do with that.