There’s a funny story around our house about non-participation.

A telemarketer once called, at dinner time of course, and asked whether I would participate in a survey.

What made my partner laugh, is that instead of saying something colloquial that a person whose first language was English might answer with, like ‘no thank you’, or ‘not a good time’, or, ‘call back when I’m not eating dinner’, I answered in my staccato Polish manner… “no, I will not be participating”, to which there was silence at the other end of the phone and then they hung up.

And that is exactly how I feel when I hear about the Reptilian/1% agenda on planet Earth. I will not be participating!

The whole discussion makes me fucking un-grounded and uneasy, and became a major drama between myself and my beloved so much so that we had to agree to not discuss it. I had to explore what this was all about. In my soul, I feel diametrically opposed to the recent obsession/conspiracy theory with Reptilian control on 3D reality.

Here’s why…

It is the new Devil/Saviour polarity paradigm, and so many of us are buying into it, including many prominent spiritual teachers I listen to.

These insights are not meant to deny that there is a reptilian-like energy on the planet, or that we do not have reptilian DNA as we came through the evolutionary chain from reptilians, and if you were to look at an early human embryo, which goes through the evolutionary changes man has made over millennia in a 9 month process, you will clearly see the evidence of our beginnings.

The reptilian brain is also part of our basic understanding of ourselves in a physical world, where the tangible aspects of life are experienced. Through our reptilian brain, the level of perception of the Serpent in shamanic terms, we engage with what needs doing to keep ourselves alive, it activates the Freeze, Flight or Fight reflex, it’s sharp physical senses, but at this level we’re not aware of our deeper, spiritual, creative self.

To perceive this state as ‘bad’ or ‘elementary’ is to deny its gift, which is to rely on ‘Instinct’ and to be practical and survive. Therefore, we do not seek to banish it from our state of consciousness, but to understand it and work with it.

When out of balance, it kicks into domination, control and complete insensitivity to those around us.

That’s the Reptilian frequency within ourselves that we’re externalizing with the popular Reptilian theory. We don’t have to deal with our own reptilian tendencies, we can externalize and blame it on the 1% and what they’re doing to the world.

Reptilians = New Devil

Donald Trump = New Saviour

99% versus 1% = The New Religion – taking over spiritual circles.

Although DT has a healthy self-appointed saviour complex, he operates through a very reptilian level of basic, survivalist consciousness, and according to the P’s has absolutely no awareness of his role on the planet, which is to amplify that we need to be done with the reptilian part of ourselves. From this standpoint, by default, he can be one who shines the light, although his own instincts are about his own survival.

What, according to my intuition and the Council of P’s, is damaging about the Reptilian obsession?

  1. It is damaging to the adrenals, because we are in constant anger, fear, freeze, flight or fight reflex. We are producing the fuel for more reptilian frequency. When our adrenals are drained, we suffer from disenchantment, paranoia and deep melancholy. I don’t know what percentage of the planet suffer from this exactly, but I would venture to say 90% of us live in this uninspired state.
  2. We are disempowered, because we create, with our belief in their powers, the thought form that we are stuck in a world where Reptilians took over long ago, they are controlling our planet, and now we are ‘fighting’ and ‘resisting’ their power, which keeps us in a constant cycle of non-evolvement, but relying on our reptilian brain for survival, while we talk about creating a new earth. We cannot create the new earth from the level of reptilian.
  3. Our focus is narrowed down to reptilian versus human. We’ve been stuck in this ideology of ‘us against them’ for eons. Our inability to end cycles of war is the result of this frequency. No point in hoping for peace if we’re actively creating ‘struggle’ with our vibration.
  4. We are externalizing the shadows within ourselves again and creating, as mentioned above, a ‘devil’ who can take the blame. The P’s stress time and time again that in this game of illusions, we are fighting ourselves and the only way through that to higher consciousness is to live through the heart not the mind. Right now the mind is projecting the reality we are experiencing. When we live through heart frequency, the new earth will appear for all of us, not the ‘elite’ who think they are woke. If all of us are not woke, none of us is woke, because there is only one of us, experiencing ourselves as many.
  5. The reptilian brain and the ego are fascinated by survival stories, because that is their genius. When we focus on survival, we cannot seek transformation. Transformation means death to the ego. The ego feels very alive when involved in any kind of drama. Drama keeps us out of creativity.
  6. It’s very difficult to enter 5D reality when stuck in 3D drama. We are currently very stuck in 3D drama, while talking 5D. Another illusion spiritual teachers are stuck in. We’re still pointing ‘over there’ at ‘them’, and ‘when this happens, we’ll be ok.’

We can choose which paradigm or matrix we wish to live in. We are free to choose. Which do you wish to live in? Which illusion are we creating?

What if instead of devils and saviours we played a new game? What if we owned our soul evolution and didn’t blame the bad guys but discovered and loved our own shadows? What if we didn’t externalize what needed healing and stopped looking for a saviour when we can save ourselves?

What if the illusion we were under suddenly cleared because we became aware of ourselves? What a beautiful world we could create, with equity, justice and love.

I know that my view isn’t popular because it eliminates drama and focuses inward. And yet, I am willing to put myself out there, because I love this incredible planet, and my fellow Hubeings, and I wish for us all to remember who we were before we fell under the spell of disempowerment.

The work is out there, yes, but it is first and foremost, within.

With heart hugs and soul kisses,

Monika .