Halfway through the summer, we celebrate Abundance.

This was a gathering time of the tribes.

A time to share in abundance, it was also a time for justice and evaluating contracts. Really, it was a time to celebrate being in relationship with others and with the earth.

Celebrate this in the next few days by gathering with family and friends, and paying close attention to where relationships are no longer serving us, where situations and contracts/agreements need arbitrating.

Most of all, practice gratitude. Abundance is ours, in many ways, and gratitude is the fertile soil that it grows in.

In the Southern hemisphere we celebrate the halfway point of winter and growing light. Imbolc. We pay special attention to the first offerings of the earth, new growth, new births in the fields, the birthing of dreams, and the wisdom of Brigit, the Triple Goddess.

No matter where and how we celebrate, let us be united in unconditional love for each other and the planet.

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Blessings, Wild Ones!