You may have caught on by now…the moon and planets keep spinning in a natural ebb and flow, direct and retrograde, eclipsing, tugging on our emotions; it’s a never ending cycle with which we mature as spiritual beings having a human experience.


Sometimes, it seems that this planetary dance keeps us on a treadmill, we barely survive one moon or retrograde or some such thing, and then on to the next!

The most important thing to remember is that we are part of this flow, not outsiders, afflicted with the whims of nature. We are Nature, Her physical, human embodiment.

When we relax into the flow, we can learn from the very inhalations and exhalations of the Great Feminine, and as she manifests we do also, a communion of energies that brings harmony to the entire Galaxy.

Yes, you are that influential. You are, after all, made of the active ingredients of Stardust. Energetically, magnetically, elementally, we are the Universe!

Tonight and tomorrow, the Dark Moon. It is the time for banishing what no longer serves, we seek solitude and stillness. We contemplate, reflect, become one with our Beingness.

This is not the time for casting magic, unless an emergency prevents itself, and then, under a skilled and attuned hand. Even the Universe rests, folding inward, before releasing once more through the New Moon.

On January 17th, the moon casts first light once more on its journey toward fullness, grounded in the ever-practical sign of Capricorn, along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn).

It is an auspicious congregation of planetary bodies under a powerhouse sign. Capricorn may seem sleepy at times, brooding under well-laid plans, seemingly too cerebral to create much excitement, but underneath still waters, there is a stirring of energies that will affect us from all angles. Relationships/love and our direct relationship with life matters will come under heavy scrutiny and, you guessed it, upheaval.

But wait! This is a good thing. Before you bang your head against the computer keyboard, remember that when something shatters, we are presented with an opportunity to re-invent ourselves. Why should we want to? Because to remain where we’re at, is not really remaining where we’re at, no matter how comfortable the Devil-We-Know is. We’re either moving forward or backward, there is no such thing as standing still.

I prefer forward. What say you?

What does Capricorn lend to the already enigmatic energies of the planets mentioned? Because the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and Venus will be exposing every excuse, procrastination, self-doubt, love-qualm, relationship angst, etc, etc, etc…until we surrender to the refining process;

Tenacity, Strength of Character, Self-Reflective Wisdom and the ability to age backwards…that is, this sign starts out with an older outlook, and as they age, find the exuberance and spontaneity of youth quite appealing! Remember that you can call on these attributes when the month ahead surges forward into a new cycle of Eclipses, beginning on January 31.

Capricorn influence can also steer us in another direction, one that will hinder what 2018 (a 9 year) seeks to manifest with our co-creative powers.

Be conscious of tendencies to always be in control (this is an illusion, let’s face it), to obsess over making a good impression, to pretend that we’re cool and collected when underneath we may be shy and vulnerable.

Just be you. Authentic. Let go of the optics that attempt to keep everyone around you happy.

What makes you happy?

What do you want?

What does your soul crave?

If asking these questions makes you uncomfortable, then you need to sit in them until you’re not. That’s the only cure.

There is no doubt that this year will be transformative. I bet you can feel it in your bones. When the planets align, we awaken to purpose. We and they engage in a dance of possibility. But for now, the work of grounding and preparing our soul-center.

So Mote it Be!

Heart Hugs and Soul Kisses,


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Photo by Frankie K. on Unsplash