We’re nearing the conclusion of 2017 and the most intense Mercury Retrograde I, and many of you, have felt in years.

We have a bit of unfinished business yet. The Moon, Earth, Planets and Sun are in intricate relationship to bring us to a higher spiritual awareness.

My partner and I were just today at a Winter Solstice* ceremony, where we raised energy for the healing of the planet and evoking the essence of The New Earth. We were all in agreement that these last weeks before us require one last dip into shadow work, as the days culminate on the 21st. with the end of the Retrograde and the Longest Night.

Here’s what’s happening exactly ~

The Earth, Saturn, New Moon and the Sun are in alignment tonight with the Galactic Center – the enormous vortex (black hole) at the center of the Milky Way. The GC is a cauldron of birthing energy, where we all came from.

Venus, Mercury and Saturn are in Sagittarius. This auspicious alignment of cosmic bodies call us to deal with the remnants of the Piscean Age energy.

This manifested energy is Separation, Poverty Consciousness, Victim-hood and Conformity.

When we face these shadows within ourselves, we also face them for the Collective, and when we do the work of Transmutation, we are energetically aligned with New Earth Consciousness, Unity Consciousness.

And so, from today until the 21st., we release, release, release those Four Pillars mentioned above.

After that, in the week between Solstice and the New Year, we plan. This is not the time for action yet, but laying down intentions. After January 8th, we forge ahead with our dreams and visions, with Saturn in Capricorn!

Capricorn the Builder will be instrumental in assisting us with rising toward a 5th Dimension reality.

While these next few days may require us to face our inner demons, while they may see us wandering the Underworld seeking guidance from ancestors and guides in whichever form they appear, they will also be victorious days, because we will be doing what must be done…healing ourselves so that we can heal The Great Mother.

*Source – Peter Tongue “December 12th, 12:12, is a Portal to gain the power to begin manifesting your life according to your new soul mission, embracing the gifts and opportunities of the New Earth future time line as they manifest in the present moment. These opportunities will climax and complete on the Winter Solstice on December 21st. This energy is about seeking our highest truth and Saturn requires us to be in our utmost integrity. Mercury passing over Saturn in Sagittarius aligned with the Galactic Centre then invites us to really think deeply about our lives, our integrity, and our alignment with the energy of the Universe.”

These are important days. Blessings for the week ahead, my loves, and I’ll see you on the other side!