You are worth more than you will ever know and I love you in ways your crumbling heart could never fathom. Come to me in pieces and exist inside me whole” ~ Christopher Poindexter

She stands
She must have missed
A nuance in his voice

He’s angry now
A mess of words
And misunderstandings
His anger bruising
So confusing

Should she speak
Retract her words
Make sense of the madness
Or should she leave in silence
Letting the moment lose its power
In distance
In time

And hopefully
The next time
Their words will flow together like honey
Their hands will reach
And clasp and carry
Wordless messages
Their lips exploring
Each others secrets
Their thoughts gentle
Togetherness served on the tongue
With a side of passion

Or will that moment
Seem like a bandage
To a heavily bleeding wound

 So very much needed

So obviously inadequate
A lie in the face of truth
Hoped for

Just enough
To keep her from drowning
In the hemorrhage of their love

Their tenuous, held together by perfect moments


The Hemorrhage of Their Love. {Poem} | elephant journal