I have a friend who lives his life in technicolor.

I’m continually impressed with his endeavors and globe- trotting lifestyle as he engages in and organizes marathons and races such at the recent Death Race in Amecameca, Mexico, near the Popocatepetl volcano.

As impressed as I am with the whole idea that anyone would want to participate in anything which includes the word “death,” I am more fascinated by the stray dog that ran the race alongside some extremely brave athletes.

The Death Race, to give you a bit of background, began with nine friends in Pittsfield, Vermont in 2006 as a bit of a suffer fest. It has grown to a winter/ summer and an international event. My friend Johnny has since been involved with the evolution of the race as Race Director to include far less macho screaming and a more motivational/spiritual growth aspect by having participants memorize and recite quotes to inspire themselves toward the finish. This is very civilized, keeping the mind engaged in something other than the absolute grueling conditions of the race.

This year, 48 athletes started the race—30 were from the US and Canada, and 18 were from Mexico. Four were lost to altitude sickness before the race began at 12,000 feet. Twelve racers finished: four women and eight men, two of those from Mexico. And one dog.

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