We all have them—all mothers, that is.

Those days that we wish we could erase from time and our memories.

Days that mark our soul as frightening recollections of moments that almost ended our children’s lives.

This day was like any other in that it began peacefully: cuddles before breakfast, a book read and the promise of another happy day in the sun.

My daughters and I were at the cottage, situated on a serene, winding river. After many promises of taking the children (aged six and eight) on an extended canoe ride to a set of rapids some distance away, I announced that today was the day.

Squeals of excitement ensued, hand clapping and jumping around on the couch. I smiled at their joy.

The rapids on this one end of the river were an area that I as a child had canoed to and spent many a lazy day sunning and writing in my book of poems. I had told many magical, mystical stories about this place where surely we would run into fairies and other ethereal creatures. I knew I had, and it had shaped who I was spiritually.

We packed a lunch and set off in our bright blue canoe.

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