The Dark Moon is waxing to the New Moon, August 14, 2015.

Someone told us that we should be afraid of our darkness.

Who was it? We were not born with an instinct for shying away from our shadow side. We were taught to leave the darkness where it lay.

I love the shadows. When I say shadow I do not imply that it is in any way inferior to our light side. After all, there will always be two sides of a coin, one simply cannot be without the other, if one exists so does its opposite.

I held a coin in my hand as I wrote this, and tried to imagine it being one sided. My mind fought the concept, it seemed impossible, there was no way to visualize a one sided coin. The one side faced the light of day, the other, the dark of my palm.

Even the moon, which is a sphere, is not flat and doesn’t have two sides, as it were, still fails to be illuminated all over its rounded splendid self. The moon reflects our very nature. One side of us basking in the light, while the other rests in the shadows.

I almost never perform magic during the dark moon. This is a powerful time and if an acute need arose, I could cast a spell exercising wisdom and great care, bringing my intention in alignment with Universal forces—but mostly I choose to seek the wisdom of the darkness.

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