Spring is the perfect time to cleanse pretty much anything—closets, beliefs we no longer jive with and of course, our bodies.

It’s a natural tendency to want to shed. With the coming of longer days, the body craves lighter foods and more activity.

The brain is stimulated into action by light, we exit hibernation mode, and refocus from inner, more contemplative work to outward manifestation of winter dreams.

We are, after all, part of nature, and respond to the same impulse as trees and all living things to gather the energy stored during the colder season into something new and expressive.

I’m a believer in periodic cleansing, and have participated in many types of regimens, but as the years roll by, I see more and more the wisdom of a daily cleanse rather than an intensive week or month long endeavor. It is so much easier on the system and follows the daily rhythm of 12 hours of fasting out of the 24. Of course, the longer ones are also good, depending on the person and their needs.

If you feel the call to clearing and making room for healthier cells, or even allowing for your emotions to filter through as you awaken the body, this is a way to gently, yet powerfully forward the process.

The Basics:

I start each day with water, lemon and honey—usually a hot drink. This assists my liver in a daily detox. I add to this a pinch of cayenne when I need a little more help to clear sinuses or boost my metabolism. And who doesn’t need to boost their metabolism, especially after months of winter eating?

It is wise to follow the seasons with eating patterns, so I don’t worry about the heavier meals that keep me warm between November and February.

Long before I “break fast” in the morning with a meal, I wake up my kidneys, gallbladder, liver and intestines with this simple drink. Once you begin this daily cleanse habit, you will reap the rewards in spades.

Other benefits of a detox practice include flushing of glands, flushing crystalized salts in the joints, reducing inflammation and muscle pain.

My partner, who suffered for years from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, swears to the power of daily detox. It is a mindful way to support one’s health.

My little ritual began a few years ago when I did the Master Cleanse. It’s the more intense cousin of what we’re talking about here, usually focused on rapid weight loss and shedding of toxins. I loved the results but also prepared well in advance by eating lighter meals before and after, exercising to eliminate what was being dumped into the bloodstream, and being careful to not stress the body by returning to old habits once I had done the cleanse.