Solstice is about balance.

Whether you are experiencing the magic of Summer or Winter Solstice between today and the 23rd, I am certain that there have been elements of chaos, extreme joy or negativity, unusual or recurring dreams, intensity of relationships (positive or perceivably negative), body aches, euphoria, depression, hopelessness, hopefulness…an array of offerings of both light and dark.

This is all normal and part of the balance we are seeking, always turning towards homeostasis, always finding our way to purpose and spiritual embodiment.

I have been dreaming of giving birth the last week. This always happens when I am on point with creative efforts. It is time for me to birth new paradigms in my life, new projects, new realities. I have been traveling dimensions at top speed! Last night’s dream was so real I could touch and feel this new ‘child’ I had birthed. The presence of my second born daughter in the dream clearly signified that ‘what is next’ was being born.

At Solstice, the portals to our ‘Creatress/Creator’ abilities are wide open!

I invite you to step into your purpose and power with gusto, knowing that the trials you have been through have been the kiln for your dreams.

What have you been experiencing? Has it been vice-like? Almost unbearable? Have you felt on the verge of giving up? Have you likewise, felt moments of complete conviction that you are on the right path?

Let the solstice energies guide you into surrender to what is. In surrender, we let go of what we ‘think’ and we welcome complete, unrealistic possibility. What are you here to do? You know, purpose is not ONE THING. It is many layers of how your live a life of service, to yourself and the planet. It contains gratitude, forgiveness, pain, pleasure, discovery, the embracing of personal truths, the discarding of personal truths, and much more. Distilled down, it is where you stand aligned with your soul call.

Solstice brings us face to face with all of ourselves. The crap of human interactions, the best of it as well, all our dark and all our light, the light and dark of the whole planet, of eternity, of parallel lives that we live in several dimensions at once…we are complex beings. We are the Universe. Embrace for a moment the profundity of that.

To know your purpose, to have joy despite circumstance, to overcome our thoughts and projections, we start with one thing.


This Solstice, step into Gratitude in a new way. With focus and intention. Then, let the dreams flow. Let all you wish for yourself begin its journey to you. Choose Gratitude. That’s all we really need to manifest everything else.

Choose yourself. Choose to remember; you are a magical, fantastical, illuminated Being of creative energy. All that other stuff is created between mind and ego, and while useful in some applications, they use our story to keep us in Third Dimension polarity.

My guides tell me that we are all now flip flopping between 3rd and 5th dimension at will. Trying it on so to speak. We are better at staying in 5th then ever before. We are headed for Unity Consciousness on a grand scale.


Let the Sun Standing Still (Solstice) bring wisdom and balance.

Today I send you a multitude of blessings for Solstice magic. You are everything that you came here to be. Breathe. it’s all happening as it should. Allow. Allow. Allow.

My heart is full. Please share in the abundance of my heart.

Namaste, Wild Ones.

Art: Gaia Orion