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The 13th Moon of 2020. What Will it Mean for You?

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Musings | 0 comments

Greetings my Beloveds!

I have been putting off adding a new blog, because this site has been completely redone… if you haven’t already noticed… and I’ve been terrified of going into the back end, as it were, haha, to do any poking around! I had a great team to build the new site, The Well Multimedia and Lovepixel, and now that it is exactly what I was hoping for, I don’t want to make a mess of it with my incredibly unskilled tech abilities.

But enough about me! How is it with you?

We’re in the very last full moon of 2020, and also the thirteenth moon, which is pretty dang special. Someone asked me what the big deal was about my obsession with the moon, and I simply pointed to my natal chart – ruled by the moon and Lilith. So yeah! Obviously I’m ridiculously in love with Luna.

Anywaaaayyyyy, my latest at elephant journal is all about the effects of 13th moon in Cancer, some serious Momma energy. I think you will find the info pretty illuminating. Family, lovers, home are all at the forefront.

Have a read here

Since this is the last blog of the year, me thinks, I will take this opportunity to wish you the best of everything for the New Year, and will see you on the other side.

Have a look see around the site, I have a new pdf section where you can download all kinds of free goodies, including a 2021 Solar/Lunar Pagan Calendar as a handy guide.

Love you to the moon and back,



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